him and me

about me?
i’m twenty-seven this year, turns a year older every february and have been blogging since 2005. started with blogger then diaryland then wordpress then livejournal and now i’ve decided to make wordpress my home once again.

i love food! i love him! i love my friends! i love bus rides! and most importantly i love photography!

where else i can be found?
i’m on twitter and tumblr too!
follow me if you like.

last but not least, happy reading and do visit again.


2 thoughts on “intoUlikea-train

  1. Kahwin Singapore says:

    Hi Raihana,

    I read some of your blog post + your wedding blog. Like your style of writing and would love to invite you to contribute a guest post on our wedding site.

    Would you be interested?

    Drop me an email.

    • rai-ana says:

      Hello there! Was browsing through your wedding site and am impressed with the amount of information there is in there! Would love to contribute something for your site. Maybe you can let me know what type of post you’d like me to write on. InshaAllah i’ll be able to help. (; alternatively you can contact me @ Can’t seem to find ur email add. Sorry!

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