Hey Yo!

Hey ya’ll. I’m back. Sort of. I’ve sort of been on a long hiatus and all of my scheduled posts are all up and I have no more ammo left.

I have a few excuses as to why I haven’t been proper updating here.

  1. I’m getting hitched in exactly 58 days and there’s so much left to settle! Gasps! Trying to hold in the bridezilla in me, yo!
  2. I have used up my 3GB free plan which means I can no longer upload photos here. Thus, I’ve been contemplating if I should even bother upgrading my plan and pay $9 monthly. Is it even worth it? Anyone out there still visit my page and read? Do you still want me to update? What would you like to see?

On a side note, I’ve been feeling very anxious as I get closer to the wedding date. I have this crazy impulsive shopping ‘urges’ where I’d go out on a rampage and spend like lots of money on stuffs. I recently bought myself something that costs a bomb and a few days back, I made a trip to Sephora and spend $400 there! Gasps. I know! I haven’t even told my fiancé and hell will definitely break loose when he figures I bought the thing that costs me a bomb. I might have to keep it in the office! (T.T) How do I hide my future purchases from him? GAHHHHHHHHH~!

I hope he’ll not be reading this and if you do, please pretend you didn’t read it. I love you. (=*)


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