Beauty Picks 026 : Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation


This is a different kind of post. The reason why I picked this product is because I do not like it. At all.

It took me 2/3 of the product to confirm that I do not like it. I went to Bobbi Brown counter to look for a lightweight foundation (similar to my Vitalumere Aqua foundation) and this was one of their recommendation.

Why I dislike this product you may ask? It is light and feels neutral on my skin BUT it oxidizes onto a darker shade which accentuate my tanned skin more. I am pretty tanned now and having this product on makes it worst.

I actually mentioned this to a friend and she too agrees that bobbi brown foundation oxidizes to a darker shade than what you had on initially. Anyone out there face the same problem?


3 thoughts on “Beauty Picks 026 : Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

    • rai-ana says:

      Sorry babe! lambat reply. (: Application is good. I’d suggest using your fingers/beauty blender. It’s almost the same consistency as mac face n body.

  1. aimi says:

    Frustrating, I know right. Most foundations that I tried that contains SPF will oxides like MAC, Bobbi Brown (tested on the beauty counter during daytime) or Revlon. That’s why I’m really choosy when comes to foundation and uses separate spf. Currently using NARS Sheer Glow in Barcelona. Works well on me. Not greasy but glowly look even on combination skin like mine. Another alternative are MUFE or Laura Mercier. See here for info:

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