Beauty Picks 023 : Lipstick #3

This seemed like a yearly ritual where I’d rummage through my beauty collection and slap lots of lipsticks on my lips and take picture of them. Then I’d glue myself in front of my iMac, open up photoshop and try to smudge off my stache. #truestory

L1050586 L1050593

First in line, we have Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in 015 Barcelona Nights. Can we pause for a moment and stare at the beautiful packaging?! Such a beauty!

Opaqueness of the color on your lips depends on the layers you apply. The pigment is true to that you see from outside the packaging. The product is slightly scented and is a little bit sticky. This shade in particular is very beautiful and because its a stain, it stays on pretty damn long.

ll Photos in this post taken with Leica D-Lux 109

L1050596 L1050601

005 Passion is from the same line as the lipstick above. The doufa applicator is very similar to the ones used in YSL Lipstains. It makes it easy to get the corners. I honestly love this product despite the stickiness.
L1050603 L1050605

The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 12 Beau Brun was the latest edition to my lipstick collection. I almost didn’t want to get it because it was retailing at $23 but I caved in because as the name suggests, it was super velvety when I swatched it in the shop!  True enough, I LOVED IT! Very pigmented, not drying even though it was a matte formula and it lasts pretty long. Not 24 hours but long enough. One thing you needed to know and be able to get over is the very strong scent the product has. Would love to get another one of this lipstick. Maybe during sales.L1050609 L1050611

L.A. Colors lipstick in Matte Cranberry Red is a beautiful red lipstick everyone should have in their collection. Funnily enough, the lipstick is not matte. Very pigmented but totally not matte. Also, this lipstick is super cheap. If I can remember correctly, it costs less than 10 bucks. Where can we get lipsticks less than 10 bucks these days, am I right?L1050621 L1050627L.A Color Lipstick in Dark Cherry. As I swatched this lipstick and the previous one at the back of my hand, I realized they are pretty similar. LOL! This may or may not be slightly lighter red then the previous one. XD

L1050630 L1050634

This was a sample I got from Urban Decay for buying their blusher. This Revolution High-Color Lipgloss in Scandal is such a gorgeous color. Will definitely be buying the full sized one once this runs out. This product is very pigmented and can be achieved with just one layer of application. The applicator is also different from what I’ve seen. Very good.The product is not sticky and it lasts very long on the lips.L1050637 L1050640

Topshop lipsticks are one of my favorites to purchase. They’re not very expensive and Topshop normally have discounts on them. They go on pretty smoothly and lasts almost the whole day! This one I have here is the shade Drive.Very pretty and bold. Right up my alley.
L1050644 L1050647

This Topshop lipstick in All About Me is a dupe for NYX Louisiana that I love to death.

L1050651 L1050657

As I put this Lip Crayon in Powder Room from Topshop on my lips, I question my decision on purchasing this item. As you can see from the picture above, the product was very patchy and wasn’t easy to apply on my lips. Totally no idea why I got this in the first place.L1050659 L1050661

This Givenchy lipstick in 301 Magnolia was an impulse purchase which I soon learnt to love. The packaging is gorgeous and the product glides on my lips like butter. Guess that’s what I’d get for spending so much on a lipstick eyy?
L1050662 L1050666

Revlon lipstick in 835 Berry Couture is a very pretty lilac shade which I do not have in my collection. It looks surprisingly pretty on my skin tone and like all Revlon lipsticks, this one is very pigmented and have a relatively good stay on power.
L1050669 L1050671

This Revlon lipstick in Blushing Mauve is a very pretty your lipstick but better shade. I your skin shade is similar like mine, GO GRAB THIS!L1050675 L1050679

I have a love hate relationship with this Haute Coutour shade from NYX. I absolutely hate the gold flex it has but as you can see from the photo, it’s a beautiful color! Oh my. Tough decision.

Looking at this post, I should give myself a pat on the back because I do not have 101 lipsticks to update you guys on meaning I managed to control my lipstick craze! Yay!

If you like to see more of my lipstick collections, you may want to click HERE and HERE.

ll Pictures in this post taken with Leica D-Lux 109


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