The wheels on the bike goes round and round

I swear that age is catching up on me or maybe it’s my weight that’s too heavy but cycling is not easy please. Upon hearing news that the new bridge linking ECP to Gardens by the Bay is opened, we decided to give the route a try. 

A few meters from the bike kiosk, we hear voices screaming ‘free pancakes, free pancakes’ and so we approached the voice and pretended to take pictures just so they will invite us in. XD Apparently they’re just normal people who one day decided to go online and create a group inviting people to come together and make pancakes for strangers. 

Next up, we noticed that the road safety park is opened to public! So we stoopped by, relive our childhood memory and snapped a photo or two there.  
I kid you not, but other than trying out the new bridge, our main motive was to actually eat at Satay by the Bay. Zee informed me that a new shop which sells halal seafood in a bucket opened recently. Of course, by the moment we reached, we weren’t feeling as hungry as we thought we would so we only settled with two buckets of fries. Truffle and sweet potato fries.

               All in all, that three hour bike ride was fun! We get to try the new route, camwhore a hell lot and eat fries! Yay to productive weekend.

ll Pictures in this post taken with Leica D-Lux 109


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