GOPR3321Hello day two of Bangkok! We woke up pretty early, had breakfast and made our way towards the train station (yes, even the train station was within walking distance from our hotel).

GOPR3324One thing I find weird about Bangkok’s train station was that the station platform itself is super long but they don’t even use up the whole platform! They also don’t allow us to stand close to the edge of the platform. Weirddddd….Like us, they must have had lots of suicide problems on their train platforms.

GOPR3330 GOPR3332 GOPR3335Chatuchak was the same as it was 5 years ago, same crowd and same atmosphere. It was as though I’ve never left. We took a break from all the walking and was drawn into one of the shops selling fresh seafood. One tip I’d leave you with is to ensure to check the price of the food you’re purchasing before deciding to actually sit down and buy. This 6 pieces of prawn and one mango sticky rice set us back by approximately SGD$30! I could have used that money in Singapore and gone prawning and probably catch more than 6 prawns with that same amount! Nevertheless, the prawn was super fresh and yummy!

GOPR3336 GOPR3337 GOPR3339 GOPR3341Being in Chatuchak also signals the start of Thai silk haunt. XD

GOPR3343 GOPR3349This same teh tarik abang was still in Chatuchak selling teh tarik! Even after 5 years! He’s still as entertaining even after all these time.

GOPR3358 GOPR3360

Took cab back to Pratunam area and had lunch at Yana Restaurant. The food was not bad and we met up with a group of Singaporean friends there! Such small world.GOPR3368 GOPR3369 GOPR3371

  ll Pictures in this post taken with GoPro Hero 3 Plus


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