Beauty Picks 018 : Those damn heels

I don’t know about you ladies, but why are heels so damn hard to walk in? They make your butts look firm and perky, your calves look super sexy but seriously tho, why are they so painful to walk in?

Having said that, I have problems resisting myself from buying a pair of heels. #firstworldproblems They are like my kryptonite. Most of my shoes are from NEW LOOK and two of them are from Melissa.

Here I present to you, my heels collection~!


You may be thinking “Whaaaatttt? Leopard prints?“.
Leopard prints is something that goes in and out of trend. They’re not everybody’s cup of tea but trust me, they look super cute when paired with plain jeans/pants. The red colored base adds a pop of color and in a way helps to make the prints less overwhelming. A plus point is that the heels aren’t so thin which makes it slightly more comfortable to walk in.


Polkadots and bows are my favorites and this pair of heels has a place in my heart. The polkadot pattern is very minimal and the black color makes it chic yet cute. I love it!
I remember getting all excited when I had it on in the shop. It was too cute to resist.


This was one of those impromptu purchases. I was on a tight budget and had to find something to wear for Hari Raya. They were on sales and I thought the colors would easily match any top I’m wearing. What I didn’t think was how high the heels were and true enough, the first time I wore it out, I came tumbling down the staircase. Since then, I’ve yet to pluck any courage to wear them out again. They’re so pretty to look at tho!IMG_3300

This was the first Melissa shoe that I fell in love with. Was shopping in town with my girls and saw these on display. It was totally out of my budget and so I had to bid it goodbye. How did it end up in my collection you may ask? I got it for my 25th (i think) birthday! They’re so comfy and so easy to maintain. Sad thing is that it no longer has that Melissa scent to it. )=IMG_3302

This is another one of my favorite. It was on 50% off in Marks & Spencers. It was the only size left on shelf. It felt like the universe was telling me to get it! XD From the back, you’ll be like ‘such boring black shoe she has on‘ and when you come closer, you’d be like surprise! it’s not as boring as you’ve thought! IMG_3301This was my recent purchase (March this year). I went in with an aim to get flats which I can wear on daily basis but ended up trying several different shoes and yeah, I ended up getting this. Just like my other Melissa, this is also comfortable to walk in and it smells of Melissa. *sniffs shoe*

Of course I don’t wear heels out often. You’d see me wearing my Crocs shoes on a daily basis. I’m so in love with Crocs shoes but one sucky thing about those shoes is that they tend to stink after some time. )= Come on Crocs, do something about it!

ll Pictures in this post taken with Canon 50D with 50mm lens


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