The last time I was in Bangkok was actually 5 years ago. My first ride on an airplane was to Bangkok. I remembered sleeping at the airport because our flight was super early and we didn’t want to spend money on cab rides from Jurong to Changi. I also remembered being in aww seeing the view outside my window. Being thousand feet high in the sky was awesome yet scary at the same time. You’ll never know what will happen.

GOPR3287Anyways, the trip to Bangkok this time round came about randomly. Zee told me that her colleagues and herself will be leaving for Bangkok in October and there’s a 1-for-1 offer on SQ flights and wallah I decided to tag along! 🙂

The last time I was on a flight was during my trip to Krabi in 2013 and oh boy, I was so nervous about getting on an airplane again. Our flight that day was at 4pm which meant we will only touch down at 5pm, Bangkok time. Good thing was we didn’t need to wait for our hotel to be ready for check in. Down side was we didn’t have much time to shop! But no worries, by the time we reach day 4, we barely had any money to spend. =3

At the airport, we each got sim cards. They have a tourist package sim card which will only set you back by 300 baht. It was a good idea for us to have a sim card each as we are able to constantly contact/whatsapp each other whenever we got separated. GOPR3291We stayed at Budacco which was very near to Platinum Mall & Platinum Market. Don’t quote me but I think we paid 1800 baht per room per night when we were there. It was pretty cheap and look, how cute is the room? The three of us ladies shared a room and purposely chose the oriental theme so it was easier for us to share a bed together. As long as you don’t have someone who turns/kick in their sleep, the bed is good for 3 people. 🙂

GOPR3295 GOPR3296

Lets be honest, the food served on the plane was pure crap and all of us started feeling super hungry so we explored the market area right in front of our hotel.
GOPR3300 GOPR3301 GOPR3303 GOPR3305 GOPR3306 GOPR3310

Banana pancake in Bangkok weren’t as good as those sold in Krabi/Phuket. *inserts super duper sad emoticon with tears running down the cheeks*GOPR3316

Before calling it a night, we had dinner at one of the restaurants in front of our hotel. We were undercharged but oh wells… =3 The food was delicious and thanks to the undercharging, the dishes were pretty affordable. Barely dented our budget.

 ll Pictures in this post taken with GoPro Hero 3 Plus


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