Flowers and succulents everywhereeeeee!


I must have fallen off the world radar ever since changing job as truth to be told, I wasn’t aware of the ongoing Gardens Festival that was happening back then in August. News of the event only reached my ears when my colleague informed me about his wife asking him to accompany her for the event. Thanks to him, I was able to set foot at the event on it’s final week.

I was a little gutted that I didn’t bring along my micro lens. Nevertheless, the flowers still made my day. Enjoy the pictures…

DCIM108GOPRO DCIM108GOPRO DCIM108GOPRO DCIM108GOPRO IMG_2361 IMG_2369 IMG_2419 IMG_2428 IMG_2443 IMG_2464 IMG_2469 IMG_2488 IMG_2489 IMG_2529 IMG_2530

ll Pictures in this post taken with iPhone 5s, GoPro Hero 3 Plus and Canon 50D with 50mm lens.


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