Beauty Picks 013 : Beauty Blender


I was always skeptical about getting the beauty blender. People kept saying that it’s unsanitary and will cause breakouts. Been using it since September ’14 and here’s my verdict.

Other than the negative things I’ve heard about the beauty blender, an absolute turn off was the price. To be honest, I could have gotten myself a whole set of the real techniques core / starter collection!

But after using it for a while, I’m glad that I jumped the gun and spent that amount of money for that piece of sponge. It changed how my foundation and concealer looks on my skin. It’s probably one of the reasons why my foundation stayed on longer than it did before.

You’d think that it will take forever to apply your foundation by bouncing the damp beauty blender on your skin. It doesn’t. I no longer use brushes to apply my foundation and concealer. I only need this.

Cleaning the beauty blender is surprisingly easy. I’d normally clean it with the cleanser that it comes with before use. So far so good. No unusual breakouts. Yay!

If you’re undecided on getting this applicator, go for it. You’ll be amazed by the finish it gives.


6 thoughts on “Beauty Picks 013 : Beauty Blender

  1. aemii says:

    I bought the Beauty Blender Pro version with the solid cleanser when Luxola is having a discount. And I wash my makeup brushes with the solid cleanser as well, it’s quite effective. Beauty blender is worth the price. 🙂

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