While in JB 002 : The Ice Cream Project

This is probably one of the places which I’ve went to which made me feel like I’ve stepped into the mad scientist’s lab. The ice-cream project [location here] is the place to be regardless if it’s hot or cold out there. This is officially one of my favourite places to visit in JB. I made it a rule to visit this place overtime I’m in JB.IMG_7144

Pictures in this post taken with iPhone 5s.

I’d suggest coming early as I’ve had friends whom feedback that they run out of ice creams when they came over! IMG_7146 IMG_7158 IMG_7161 IMG_7163 IMG_7165 IMG_7167 IMG_7169

They legit have the best chocolate ice cream ever! Oh, and butterscotch too. Literally the best! Do follow them on their fb page and IG!

Leave me a comment if you dropped by after seeing this post! And also how did you find this place?


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