Lipstick Collection #2


It seemed just like yesterday when I did my lipstick collection post [here] and while in the process of putting everything together for this post, I realized that I own a whole damn lot of lipsticks~ dang!


This pretty salmon pink shade is none other than Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipstick in 030 High Heels. I have 4 shades from this collection which I will show you below but what disappoints me is that this lipstick drys the hack of your lips making it look chalky and ugly. Pigmentation for this is awesome but it accentuates the dryness on your lips.


Another shade from the same collection is 070 Preview. When swatches on hand, it looks like a pretty plum color but on the lips (depending on your lip color i guess) it gives a slight red sheen as pictured above. The same as the previous lipstick, the pigmentation is on point but I couldn’t say the same about the moisture.

IMG_6126This pretty brown nude shade is 096 All Access. This could have been the perfect brown nude shade for my skin but oh wells. Revlon seriously needs to reformulate this lipstick range.


Last from the line is 025 Socialite which is a mauve colored lipstick.


This beauty is also from Revlon but it’s from the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter range. This range, i love. This very pretty watermelon-y shade is 070 Cherry Tart which is perfect for normal day use. Depending on application, it can be from sheer to super pigmented.


This is probably the most unflattering color on my lips. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 065 Creamsicle. This shade made me look sick and dead. I have to layer this with some bright colors to make myself look human again.


This is other salmon shade is from NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors in LSS 550 Indian Pink. Compared to the Revlon lipstick, this is more orangey and definitely more moisturizing. I’d recommend you to get this one instead of the one from Revlon.

IMG_6140This might just be the only orange lipstick I have in my collection. NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors in LSS 593A Peach Bellini. This shade has tiny glitters in it which can be a yay or nay  for some.


This NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors in LSS 634 Louisiana has got to be my most used and all time favorite lipstick shade from NYX. The pigmentation is on point and the color is very va-va-voom if you know what I mean. The staying power for this particular baby is pretty awesome too!


I have to confess that I’m a sucker for the packaging of this Loreal Color Riche collection. They’re in this sleek silver gold packaging which made them look very luxurious. This particular shade on my lips is 6J328 BP401 Beige Sienna. I believe that this shade is the perfect nude color for those with darker skin tone like me.  


Next is also from the same collection and it is in the shade 6J331 F401 Rose Bud. This is straight out purple and it’s super creamy and pigmented. I love the goth-not so goth look this shade gives.


This MAC Cremesheen in Lickable is probably one of my favorite colors I purchased from MAC. I didn’t technically bought this from MAC as I got this from the Back2MAC thingy but you get the giz. If you can’t tell already, for the life of me, I can’t stay away from pinkish purple colors and this is one of those. Most people will tell you that MAC lipstick will dry your lips out but I didn’t get any of that from this.  **My make up bag staple. 


MAC Matte lipstick in Candy Yum-Yum has got to be the most talked about shade in the YouTube community and this is my other favorite shade from MAC. This shade is really the pow-wow right in your face shade. Because it is a matte lipstick, I had to constantly ensure that my lips are moisturized before deciding to put this on my lips. Sometimes I’d pair it with the lickable shade to give it some gloss and moisture. **My make up bag staple. 


This is a limited edition shade from the Ri Ri Hearts MAC collection is probably the least used lipstick shade that I have in my collection. This Retro Matte lipstick in Talk That Talk is super loved but not the most wearable shade I own. I need to make it into a mission for me to find a day to rock this look out.


This is the only shade I own from Topshop not because I don’t love it but its just cause I can’t find any other shade that I like. This beautiful pink purple shade is The Damned. This is very pigmented, moisturizing and comes in a very pretty packaging. My packaging is a little battered from being inside my make up bag. **My make up bag staple. 


I’m still over the fence about this Maybelline lipstick in 1432 Rose Quartz. There’s too much shimmer going on with this shade that I’m unsure how I feel about it.


The Maybelline Colorshow lipstick in 403 Plum Perfect is beyond perfect. Actually not just this color. The whole range blew me over. The pigmentation, the moisture and the packaging is perfect.

IMG_6174 305 Nude Mocha is from the same range in the previous swatch and like what I’ve just said, I love the lipsticks from this line.


This Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick by Soap & Glory in Paper Jam is probably one of the best lip glosses in the market. It made my lips look super moisturized and glossy like glass! Have to warn you that it’s slightly sticky but I guess you can overlook that when you’re lips are moisturized and super duper glossy.


I own only two red lipsticks in my collection and this one from Urban Decay is one of them. Unfortunately this is a limited edition which I got from the limited edition Theodora palette.


One of my all time favourite lipgloss from NYX has got to be their Xtreme Lip Balm in XLC01 Dolly Girl. It is super duper pigmented, moisturizing and it is also what I refer to as ‘in your facepink. Much love for this shade.


Everybody and their cat raves about the matte gloss by NYX but if you have dry and chapped lips, forget this product. The one I have here is their soft matte lip cream in SMLC04 London. This product is super creamy and have a very beautiful scent but like I’ve mentioned, forget about getting this if you have chapped lips.


This soft matte lip cream in SMLC03 Tokyo is almost the same as the previous shade only slightly pink. I still stand by my point. If you have dry or chapped lips, avoid this.


The printing on this Revlon Kissable Lipbalm in 020 Lovesick. I’m unsure about how I feel about this lip balm. It has a pretty weird minty scent and the texture is slightly sticky on the lips. Maybe you can be the judge on this lip balm.


This same lip balm in 040 Rendezvous also has the same weird minty scent and sticky texture on the lips.

IMG_6197This is the most expensive product in my lipstick collection. This YSL Lipstain in shade 23 has a mild berry scent and true to the rumor that I’ve been hearing, it is super long wearing. The intensity of this lip stain varies depending on the numbers of layers you apply. Would recommend you getting this if you have some extra money to splurge. Oh, did I mention that the packaging is insane? Love love loveeee it!

So that’s it, my updated lipstick collection. Hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Lipstick Collection #2

  1. myflairaffair says:

    Hi!! Oooh I feel so excited baca your entry about lipsticks! I love make up too!! I saw your collection and was wondering if u have ever tried Wet N Wild megalast lipsticks??? They are so good!! The colour payoff is amazing and really pigmented and not very expensive too!

    • rai-ana says:

      Hello~! I have yet to get my hands on Wet n Wild megalast lipsticks! From what you mentioned, maybe i kene go all out uh carik ni brand and give it a try! So far NYX is the cheapest brand that I’ve tried. They’re not bad too! By the way glad I got you all excited about lipsticks~! I ni hantu lipsticks! Hehehehe… 🙂

      • myflairaffair says:

        I like NYX tu tapi they are not the cheapest! Heheeh i buy my wnws from Carousell! Ada alot of resellers, something got flash sale they sell for sgd5! U go check out la! Yes i also hantu lipstick!! My mother bising! Hahah high five to u!!

      • rai-ana says:

        Hahaha~! Easy, bring a big bag when you’re out shopping so you can throw everything in your bag so she won’t notice! haha… actually my mom lagi bising kalau i balik bawak camera baru! haha~!

      • myflairaffair says:

        Aiseh bedah. U macam perli i aje. Ehehehhe tapi tu lah, beli lipstick lagi afdal than buying anything else….dah bagos bukan leboys sana sini. Heehehe lipstick je, ringan2 laaaaaa

      • myflairaffair says:

        Eheheh alamak nanti blog2 kita dah jadi beauty blog instead of wedding blog! Heheeh ok ok wait i take pictures of my lipstick collection! Then we share2!

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