along that 365 days ; 2014

2014 has been a good year. There’s a few achievements and of course there’s a few let downs along the way. Nevertheless, 2014 was an awesome year for me. What about you? What’s your story? How’s your year?

2014-01-02 ADIB BDAYWhat’s a birthday celebration without good food? This year, we celebrated Adib’s birthday at the Asian Market. We had all the sashimi we could squeeze into our tummies, inhaled all the helium gasses and someone ended up vomitting. Typical us.

2014-01-18 ADVENTURE COVEWe received a free ticket to Adventure Cove Waterpark from a friend and yayyy who doesn’t love free things and adventure cove right?

2014-02-22 PROPOSAL

2014-02-22 PROPOSAL (1)

In February, for my birthday, the boyfriend proposed. It was magical.  2014-03-15 MY BIRTHDAY BUFFET CITY & CASH STUDIO

Celebrated my birthday this year with great company, lots of food and karaoke.
2014-03-26 - BRUNO MARS CONCERT (2) 2014-03-26 - BRUNO MARS CONCERT

Bruno Mars concert was awesome. Best concert splurge ever (next to the Jason Marz concert I went to in 2009)!  Tried recording the whole concert using my go pro. It was a total failure. T.T everything is so wide angled and soooooooo damnnnn farrrr!2014-03-28 - NP SWENSENS PLAZA SINGAPURAFinally met my poly mates after 6 years we graduated. Six frigging years! Oh my god i feel old… It was nice seeing everyone and catching up on everyone’s career and life.2014-05-01 PASARBELLA


Pasarbella was one of the in places to visit. They have the bestest paella I’ve ever tasted! It’s at turf city if you’re wondering.2014-05-01 SUNSET

Managed to convince the boyfriend to sit down through the sunset with our paella in hand. Very romantic uuh?2014-05-04 SENTOSA

We’ve always been one of those kids who would just pop by the beach whenever we go to Sentosa. It’s different now when we’re older. We actually spent money and went up on rides! It was fun. [HERE]2014-05-10 AMPED

Don’t quote me on this but this is probably the first indoor trampoline gym there is in Singapore. Who knew jumping up and down could be so tiring. Just 30 minutes on the trampoline and you’re dead tired. [HERE]
2014-06-09 kl


Had a mini getaway in June to KL. We even got to see Nabila Hudah in person! That’s actually here in the back in white! Exciting times. [HERE]
2014-07-05 FLUFFBAKERY

Yes, we made it on the fluffbakery instagram! This was us with our queue number, hoping that we’d get our share of ondeh ondeh flavored cupcakes.. let’s just say that it was worth the long wait.2014-07-26 - VERA BIRTHDAY

Finally got to meet my ex-colleagues over dinner and chit-chat. It was nice seeing familiar faces. 2014-08-23 - GBTB 1 2014-08-23 - GBTB 2This was one interesting day which I spent all on my own. Back story; couldn’t find anyone to go with (or rather I couldn’t be bothered finding people to come with me) and I didn’t want to miss the garden festival so there I was, all on my own with my bag pack filled with cameras. I was shamelessly taking selfies with my gopro. Yay me.2014-08-23 - PSB

Late nights with the uni mates. Seafood, desserts and sparklers.2014-08-30 - COLOR RUN

This was a tick off my wishlist that is to run a marathon with the boyfriend. He was a little skeptical about joining the color run but in the end, he found himself enjoying it. Probably more than I did.2014-09-07 - SEPT BABIES BDAY

September babies birthday was at Tiffany’s.
2014-09-09 - KEDS

I shamelessly hopped on the Taylor Swift for Keds collection. =) They’re so comfy. I’d seriously consider on getting more if they have cuter designs. 2014-09-09 - MR BEAN

Was convinced by the ex-colleagues to give Mr Bean Cafe a try. To be honest, it wasn’t really special unless you’re head over heels for Mr Bean. You’d get to watch their series on the iPads they have installed on the tables. Other than that, the desserts were normal. Nothing special. Worth a try for you curious cats out there.
2014-10-02 - PLATINUM SUITE

This was one of the days where the boyfriend suddenly asks “want to watch movies at the platinum movie suite?”. I was cloud nine except for the fact that we were actually watching Annabel! It was scary as shit but not enough to give me nightmares.
2014-10-18 - BKK

Finally an actual getaway for me! I haven’t been on the airplane since forever and this time round, we travelled on SQ flight. (: The food that was served on flight was sucky and totally bad. 2014-11-06 - LOMO'INSTANT

This was months long wait. Got this from lomography during their kickstarter campaign. I was super excited while unboxing the camera. It’s so cuteeeeeee, don’t you dare disagree with me! (:2014-11-08 - NOV BABIES

November babies birthday was spent at a newly opened burger place in Bedok. Will share this place when I have the time here. 🙂2014-11-22 - GRADUATIONAfter a year long wait, I finally graduated! It was one of my proudest moments. Next up, get my masters. But not before settling down.

There you have it, the last 365 days of my life. 🙂 Feel free to back track to what I’ve done in 2012 & 2011. 🙂



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