2014 Beauty Favorites <3

In no particular order, let me introduce you to…. my 2014 beauty favourites!



Biore UV Aqua Riche

I believe this is my holy grail favorite which I’ve previously mentioned in my 2013 Beauty Favourites [HERE]! This product glides on my skin so easily and it immediately sunk into the skin. I love how it has a very minimal sunscreen scent and it doesn’t irritate my skin. I’ve honestly been using this product on  my face every single day and have been buying tubes upon tubes of this product. This has got to be my fourth or even fifth tube and I still have one more stashed in my backup drawer waiting to be opened.

I personally don’t think that I’m the only one who loves this product as at times I find it hard to get them in stores (when I say stores, I actually refer to Watsons / Guardian) as they run out of stock so quickly! I almost wanted to try the BB version of this sunscreen but it’s too light for my skin. *inserts sad face*



Chanel Vitalumere Aqua

Again, I’ve mentioned this product in my 2012 Beauty Favorite [HERE]. I didn’t mention it in 2013 not because it sucked but another foundation sort of took over it’s spot. I still love that foundation too tho but here’s why this foundation is now back in the limelight – it sits very well on my skin without making my face feel oily/sticky. It lets some of my imperfection peek through a little and it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Something about the scent makes it feel super luxurious.

I got a little bit tanner due to work and this foundation is so light on the skin that it still suits my tanned skin! That’s actually a plus point if you ask me as I don’t need to go out and grab another bottle of this awesomeness. (=



Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer – Medium

As you may notice from the picture, this Kick Ass concealer doesn’t come in a kick ass packaging. It took a dive from my cupboard and broke into a million pieces. Such tragedy. Another tragedy is that this product has yet to be released in Singapore. Got my hands on this during my trip to BKK.

This concealer immediately crawled itself up into the top spot of my favorite concealer. The product comes with two different shades of concealer. Both are equally creamy and easy to blend. It also comes with a transparent powder and a poof. There’s nothing lacking from this concealer and it is so compact that you can have it in your make up bag! I can no longer have this in my make up bag as you know IT’S BROKEN. So devastated.

Eye Stuffs

IMG_2987If you ask me what I’ve been wearing on my eyes, I can honestly say that I would just need these 7 products in my life and I’m good to go! No more crazy purple eye lids this year. Just neutral and black shades for me.

Urban Decay – Beware (from the OZ The Great Powerful Palette)

My ultimate favorite for the crease has got to be this matte brown shade. It is slightly darker than my skin tone thus it gives a nice transition from the lid color to my actual skin color. This product is a must have regardless of the color of shadows I’m using for that day.

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow – Soul Serenade

Sad to say that this color is a limited edition color that came out earlier this year. The pigmentation and the formula is what drew me to this shadow. I regretted not buying more. Saw the christmas limited edition came with some extra dimension eyeshadow palette but I decided to give it a pass as it comes with other products that I won’t use.

The formula is so good that it feels like you’re applying sparkly colored water on your eyes. The level of sparkle is beyond this universe. I’m totally obsessed with this. I hope MAC will release the extra dimension shadows soon. I’d be sure to grab them all this time round! =D

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow – Coil & Pure Flash!

This is another limited edition released later this year. Sorry! If you’re into cream eyeshadows, you’d want to try this. They’re so pigmented and you only need your fingers to apply these on your lids. They’re so compact and easy to travel with. Brought these for my trip to BKK in October. Totally no hassle and saves a lot of application time.

Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick – Volver, Eila & Stardust

Almost every brand has produced their version of eye shadow sticks and Marc Jacobs is no different. I’ve tried those by clinique – chubby eye sticks and these from Marc Jacobs is different. First of all, it comes in a drop dead gorgeous packaging and secondly the shadows feel like you’re rubbing metal roller balls on your eyes! They apply beautifully on the skin and when dry, they won’t budge. However, there are a few occasions where the product would sting my eyes. So, be careful and don’t let the product get into your eyes. IMG_2988



Fairydrops Mascara

This product was a come back from my 2012 Beauty Favorites. Need I point out how beautiful is the packaging?! All these years I keep reaching out for this packaging as it volumizes and keeps my eyelashes cured all day long.

Eye Brow


MAC Brow Shader – Walnut & MAC 266 Angle Brush

I loved this brow shader thingy so much that I bought another one when my first one disappeared. Still have no idea as to what happened to it. Nothing much I can say about the product except that I find that it is perfect for filling my brows and it lasts all day. The brush makes application very precise and smooth.



Chanel Joues Contraste – 74 Ultra Rose

This may seem like a very pricey product but I’m not shy to say that I love this! I might even go out and purchase more but this shade is the only one they had that would suit my skin tone. When you open the packaging, you would be welcomed with a subtle rosy scent. It smells beautiful and I love it! The formula is not chalky at all and when applied on my cheeks, it gives my cheek a natural blush look. It’s so beautiful!


IMG_2985MAC Bronzing Powder – Refined Golden

This is one of those limited edition story which you may want to skip. =X This bronzer is so beautiful. If you look carefully, you’d notice tiny golden specks on it which looks like christmas! The product actually looks matte when applied and it doesn’t look orange on my skin.



Soap & Glory Glow All Out

Got my hands on this in BKK. Singapore, you need to up your game please. This product comes in a very cute cardboard packaging with a huge ass mirror on it. This highlighter is more suitable for day wear as compared to MAC Soft & Gentle, this product is more pinkish and has lesser sparkle. To be honest, it is equally as beautiful as Soft & Gentle.



I’m such a sucker for purple toned lipsticks and these three are my favorites.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter – 085 Sugar Plum

This is a no surprise product mention as I’ve been mentioning this without fail since 2012. You know that this is a perfect shade for you when you get compliments from friends when you have it on. This is actually my second tube and I’m actually waiting for good discounts before buying another one.

Topshop – The Damned

This is a dark purplish pink shade. Super moisturizing and  very pigmented on the lips. It has very good lasting power too!

MAC Cremesheen – Lickable

Got this when I did a back-2-mac earlier last year and I am obsessed! This is almost similar to that from Topshop only that this is a pink-ier shade. It is super gorgeous.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick – Berry Couture

This is a recent purchase but I love it already! It is almost like the Sugar Plum shade only a little bit more sheer and less purple.

Setting Spray


Urban Decay Make Up Setting Spray – Chill

To be honest, I’ve never tried any other setting spray except those from Urban Decay because they actually make your make up last all day and they’re not so expensive.



Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy –  La Fleur

I got myself the 40ml bottle as I wasn’t sure that I’d love it but it’s perfect. I love sweet scents and this just what I needed. If you love sweet scents, give this a whiff and you might just fall in love with the scent.



Alpha H Liquid Gold

I had a skin problem where my skin around my cheeks would flake. I’d  normally slap on some moisturizer but it wouldn’t work. I even went to the doctor to get some cream and it was just a temporary solution. The flaky skin kept coming back! So I decided to look up online and found some good reviews for this product. I went online and got this as part of a skin care set. Tried it for the first time and the flaky skin was gone. Poof gone! I was super impressed with this product that I actually went out and bought the full sized bottle. Did I also mention that my skin felt smooth and moisturised the next day?

Mario Badescu Skincare Drying Lotion


Stubborn pimples on your face? Fret not, drying lotion to the rescue! Not all pimples would dry out and disappear the next day but this product helps with the healing process.

 Caudalie – Beauty Elixir


This product does not do much in terms of skincare but it helps keep the skin refreshed and there’s something about the scent that gives you the ‘everything is going to be okay‘ vibe. This is probably my sixth bottle.

Crabtree & Evelyn Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy – Rosewater

This is like food for your hands and the scent….omg the scent…..super orgasmic.



Oscar Blandi – Dry Teasing Dust

This is like magic powder for the hair. If you hair feels dead and flat, sprinkle some of this magic powder on your hair and poof, super volumized hair. Problem solved.


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