50 random facts about me that you may or may not already know

  1. I am the third and last child in the family.
  2. I have two elder sisters who are twenty years older than me.
  3. My mom gave birth to me at the age of forty.
  4. People at home call me by my full name. Raihana.
  5. I have a huge obsession with cameras. Especially lomo cameras. With that being said, I’d love to own a vintage SLR one day.
  6. The next thing I’m obsessed with have to be makeup. I’d love to say that I managed to curb the habit of grabbing everything new in the shop and bringing it home. Nowadays, I’d stand on the isle, and think a million times before deciding to purchase it.
  7. I lovee candles! I’m so glad when a friend of mine got for me a candle lamp thingy where you don’t need to light up the wick. You just put the candle in the holder, turn on the lamp and your good to go! My two favorite candle scents has got to be fresh cut roses from yankee candles and market peach from bath and body works. Yummeh!
  8. I hate planning for birthdays but I get all excited for it especially when there’s presents in the picture. I know how people get very anal about opening presents in front of people but I’d expect the birthday boy/girl to rip off the wrapping paper in front of me. Yeah, that’s what I live for. Lol!
  9. You know how I said I managed to curb the problem of buying make up products on impulse (item number 2)? I think I have now become obsessed with buying perfumes. I am dead serious. This year itself, I already bought three different perfumes. Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy (ultimate fave), Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur and Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. Help!
  10. I was never a watch person (if there’s even a word for it). I tend to buy a watch, put it on, take it off the next moment and before I know it, the watch is gone. But end of last year, I made it a mission to never take off my watch unless needed. I bought myself a cheap $19 Casio watch from Mustafa Centre and 10 months later, I still have it on my wrist. Mission accomplished.
  11. Whenever I go on holidays, regardless how near or far it is, the things that makes my luggage heavy are my gadgets and my makeup + toiletries. That drives me crazy! Like I can’t possibly leave any of them behind, can I?
  12. Talking about holidays, I’ve always wanted to visit India, Greece, South Africa and probably Bora Bora.
  13. I have a love hate relationship with technologies. Especially when it comes to making a conversation. I hate how majority prefers texting rather than making personal phone calls.
  14. As desperate as it sounds, I just want to get married. But the thought about getting married scares the sh** out of me.
  15. I don’t have a specific person. But I would be totally devastated if the friendship between us GangoMango ends.
  16. I hate probing people about their personal lives probably because I hate when people does the same to me. With that said, I’m probably always the last person to know about something when it happens.
  17. I almost never order anything online. I’d rather spend more than having to wait for the items to be delivered to my doorstep.
  18. I have the tendency of overthinking.
  19. I sort of hate meeting new people probably because I hated the idea of making small talks with someone whom you’ll probably never meet again.
  20. I have a list of places and thing I’d love to do stored in my iPad. It saddens me on how little I’ve accomplished so far.
  21. I love stationeries to the extent where I’d buy every single color they have from that line.
  22. My favorite songs has got to be I’m Yours by The Script and Wipe Your Eyes by Maroon 5. I tend to listen to them when I’m sad and sobby.
  23. I paste something over my webcam on my iMac because I worry that someone might be watching. You’ll never know okay! It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  24. I have a thing with glass bottles. I have like 10 ish of them lying around my bedroom. Some were brought back from my trips while some came from good old Singapore.
  25. I’ve always wanted to be an architect or an interior designer. I changed my mind after people told me that the stationeries are very costly.
  26. I then decided to be a civil engineer. Guess dreams do change and now I’m planning to get my RSO accreditation after December 2015.
  27. I haven’t told my mom that my colleagues are all male. I just don’t want her to worry too much.
  28. As weird as it sounds, I love my current job.
  29. I lost my dad at the age of sixteen. I’d still pretend that he’s still around when people ask about my him. It’s easier that way.
  30. The best memory I had of my dad was when he picked me up from school one day and my homework got blown into the canal and he actually went into the canal to pick up my homework for me. The water was chest deep.
  31. I have a stepdad whom we call TOM. Its an abbreviation for something which I’d rather not share here. I try to keep my conversations with him to at least once or none per month.
  32. I sort of love to cook but I don’t have the balls to let people try them.
  33. I am absolutely not musically inclined. I try but I su** at it.
  34. I love sketching but I can never come up with any cute and original ideas. I recently got myself a Wacom Intuos sketch pad thingy. Nobody told me it’s hard to use! I definitely need more practice on this magical yet hard to use thingy.
  35. The only two concerts I’ve attended in my twenty-six years on planet earth has got to be Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars.
  36. I’ve always wanted to get a motorbike license and it bugs me that he kept saying no to that dream. Why you no understand?
  37. I have flat feet which made walking and exercise sometimes a pain in the butt i mean, feet.
  38. I hate coffee.
  39. I used to sleep in over the weekends but lately, that’s not the case. But waking up early also meant that I have to get into bed early too. D=
  40. I’ve been wearing spectacles since secondary one.
  41. My first airplane ride was in 2009 when my friends and I left for Bangkok.
  42. I am such a pig. I hate cleaning.
  43. Once I tried to hide the fact that I’m taking driving license from my friends and actually bumped into one of them while making my way to the driving lesson. It then became our tiny winy secret for a long time until I passed that is.
  44. I only started liking mathematics during polytechnic. Not to brag but I love it so much that I need not study for maths tests and still managed to get a distinction. XD I’m a maths genius. Kidding.
  45. I love bus rides.
  46. I don’t get home sick but I get nervous thinking about being somewhere new. I hope to migrate one day. Probably buy a big plot of land and live somewhere peaceful and quiet.
  47. I can be pretty chatty at times but I do enjoy the silence.
  48. I love swimming and camping.
  49. I love cats but being around them for a long period of time will make me sneeze till the cows come home.
  50. Last but not least, I have sinus which means I’d sneeze and snort till I fall asleep and I’d snore too. Ooops.

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