Beauty Picks 007 : Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation

IMG_8525This foundation is my go-to not so expensive foundation for daily use. I’d normally save my more expensive foundation for special occasions and weekends. This foundation is by far the best there is that I have tried for the price range, alongside it’s sister the Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation with SoftFlex for normal/dry skin. I am currently using the shade 250 medium beige. Depending on the amount applied, the finish can be medium to high coverage.

IMG_8527As the name suggests, this foundation has a thick consistency but with that said, this foundation does not feel thick on the skin and a little product can go a long way. With or without a primer, this product can last the entire day.

On my dry skin, this product does not hug onto the dry patches and there is no apparent breakouts caused by this product.

If you’re looking for a more affordable choice of foundation, I’d suggest that you give this foundation a try. You’d be surprise as to how much you’ll love this product. I’d definitely run out and re-purchase this foundation once I hit pan.


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