Melaka : 2D1N – Day 1 : The road trip

IMG_5408I’ve always dreamt about going on road trips with friends and this dream of mine finally came true. Planning for a road trip is easy when you have a vehicle in hand and a designated driver who knows where he’s going. We’re only left with deciding on where to stay and we have unanimously agreed on staying in a kampong house just for the fun of it. After tones of research on finding the perfect place to stay, we found the oneIMG_5447

And because we did not have GPS to guide us, finding the place was challenging. We kept going into one-way road etc.
IMG_5444Apa Kaba homestay is super affordable with a beautiful lawn area where you can find ducks, chickens and even rabbits!


The best thing about staying at Apa Kaba is that it is a walking distance away from the shopping centers! IMG_5453 IMG_5455 IMG_5464 IMG_5466IMG_5472 IMG_5491

We tried our hands at 6D motion theater and archery
IMG_5512 IMG_5513 IMG_5519 IMG_5525 IMG_5557 IMG_5561
IMG_5602 IMG_5605 IMG_6149 IMG_6152 IMG_6158 IMG_6161 IMG_6162Seafood dinner is a must and we are glad we chose this place. The people are nice and the seafood are fresh and you can pick and choose what you want.


We ended the night with a late night movie and lots of pillow talk. 🙂


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