along that 365 days ; 2013

I’m a few days behind my along that 365 days ; 2013 post where I basically sum up the whole of 2013 into one entry. Just like any other years, 2013 flew by so fast that I need some time to actually think about what have I covered in the past 365 days.


As per “tradition”, I welcomed 2013 with my group of bestest friends. ❤ We would stuff our faces with foods and be bummed out at how much older we will be.


Then at the strike of midnight of 02/01/2013, we surprised the eldest member of our group with cake pops. I swear he looked like he almost cried.

IMG_5762January 2013 also marked my first time on top of Pinnacle@Duxton. The view was amazing and I’d recommend heading up right before sunset.  [here]


Then on 12/01/2013, we all went across the sea and surprised the birthday boy! Believe it or not, in our 8+ years of friendship, this was our first holiday trip together! [here]


In February, us crazy girls decided on a last minute girls-only trip to KL on CNY. The problem with the plan was that almost 99% of the transportation from SG – KL have been fully snatched up and same goes with the accommodation. We managed to reach there safely despite having read up on bad reviews on the coach company that we bought the tickets from. =l [here]


2013 also marks the year where I had a million and one birthday celebrations for my birthday. Thank you all!

IMG_0060Then in March, I pulled off the most stressful last minute birthday surprise ever! Especially when there’s a cranky birthday boy on board the birthday ship. [here]

IMG_5913It took us two months to finally celebrate my birthday. Seriously ah bf, you better buck up this year okay! Last warning tauu! 🙂 [here]


Then in May, my three friends and I hopped on a road trip to Melaka. It was fun! We stayed in a kampong guesthouse called Apa Kaba. We need more road trips this yearrrrrrrr!

IMG_1159This marks my third 5km nike run.


Ran my sundown with my secondary school friends and it was awesomeeeeeee.


Then in August, my running buddy and I participated in the Color Run! Damn, the colored powder was hard to remove!


As every other year, the silly boy and I went to the Night Festival. I still think that the one in 2011 was the best!


We were all still in the post-raya celebration mood that we donned our traditional raya outfits for the September babies celebration. This time round, we pranked them by saying that one of us is going to propose to his girlfriend. Imagine how disappointed the birthday babies felt when they found out it was a lie.


In september, the boyfriend and I went to the newly opened SEA Aquarium. I remembered almost killing him on that day for making me wait for a few hours. I still think that the aquarium in Ocean Park HK is the best! Shhhhhhhh~!


Then in October, my family found out that my second sis and her husband got to perform pilgrimage. It was the best news ever.


How can I ever go on a year without buying any gadgets right? So on 08/12/2013, the boyfriend gifted me the go pro 3+. I was absolutely over the moon and it’s the best thing ever!

DCIM100GOPRONever in my whole life I’d set foot into a haunted house and this year, I stepped into THREE haunted houses! My legs turned jelly-welly and thank you bf for making all this possible!

DCIM100GOPROAnd because the sister went for pilgrimage for a whole month, guess who got to use the car for that whole month?! ME! Must take picture okay! It’s not often that I’d get a chance to use her car.

DCIM101GOPROAnother thing I took part in was the Vertical Marathon 2013. It was harder than I ever expected it to be. Even much harder than the normal running marathons and especially when I did it without any prior trainings. )= No point guessing how bad I did for this marathon.


Then in December, we celebrated the last birthday of the year with Lolok Steamboat under the moon and stars. (;

The biggest achievement for me in 2013 apart from all those that I’ve mentioned above is plucking the courage to go for a job interview and then leaving my job in order to pursue a better career opportunity.


And so, on the 28th of November 2013, I cleared my desk and left my job of almost four years and joined a bigger company with a better job position and hopefully better opportunity down the road.


I’ve never been happier with my decision and I am constantly looking forward to go to work and learn everything there is to learn. For those of you who are afraid of taking the next step, please do as you will never know until you try. 🙂

And lastly, as of 9th December 2013, I have completed my 2 years of degree studies and currently am still waiting on the results of my final two papers. Hopefully the results come bearing with good news! 🙂

In 2014, I am looking forward to graduating (hopefully), more holidays (since I didn’t go on much last year) and insya-allah be a better muslimah.. 🙂 To the people in my life who may or may not be reading this, thank you for 2013 and may 2014 be a greater year for all of us. Wish all of you a great year ahead! =*


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