Beauty Picks 003 : Maybelline Lasting Drama Pen Gel Liner

SAM_1233 (1)Maybelline’s long lasting drama gel liner has been said to be the dupe of Bobbi Brown’s ever popular gel liner and a lot of beauty bloggers/gurus preferred the Maybelline gel liner due to the price difference. This product is a step above it’s previous predecessor. I have both products and formulation of both products are the same. The only difference is that this product is much more precise and convenient to use. Not to mention, it is much more hygienic.

SAM_1235 (1)

The previous gel liner from Maybelline comes in a small glass pot and a small brush for application. The brush requires regular cleaning as it tends to harden and the gel in the pot tends to dry up pretty quickly. The brush does not give its users the precision that they require.

This new product, however, has the twist and click mechanism and it has a rubberized angled tip that is ‘calligraphy pen-like’. This tip & the awesome formulation is the reason why this product is my beauty pick. The tip allows me to control the thickness of my liner and cleaning of the tip is super duper easy. Just wipe a wet tissue at the tip and you’re done!SAM_1237 (1)The liner is pigmented, dries matte and is almost smudge proof once you let it set for about a minute.

The Maybelline Lasting Pen Gel Liner is an awesome product for you to give a try.


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