Kuala Lumpur : 3D2N – Day 1: The land of never ending food choices


KL was another result of our impromptu holiday decisions when we meet. We sourced out a million and one ways to transport us from Singapore to KL. Finding a transport was hard since we’re heading out during the long CNY holiday. We managed to get on a coach bus in the end and safely reached KL. (I had school and class test on that night and cabbed down to bugis right after class!)


The hotel we stayed was right opposite Berjaya Time Square and damn, there were a million and one fireworks exploding in the sky that night and we missed it because we weren’t high enough. )=IMG_3374

Going to KL for us equals to pigging out session. We went in and out hundreds of food places by the end of the trip. Putting on that extra 10kg (ok, not exactly 10kg.) was worth it. IMG_3385 IMG_3392 IMG_3400 IMG_3410 IMG_3418 IMG_3427

Kampung baru is said to be the only kampung left in the heart of KL and we had loads of fun walking around the area and dinner there was cheap and superb. IMG_3428 IMG_3433 IMG_3440 IMG_3441 IMG_3442 IMG_3443 IMG_3446By the end of day one, we visited Subway, Carls Jr, Sushi at Cold Storage, Surya Seafood and Putu Bambu at Kampung Baru and Krispy Kreme donuts. =O Call me fat.


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