Haul : March to April



First on my purchase list would be the Urban Decay limited edition Theodora Eyeshadow Palette. Urban Decay released two palettes that was inspired by the witches in Disney’s Oz the great and powerful. Glinda is very neutral and light which I don’t think will pop out on my dark skin thus I decided on Theodora. Furthermore, I was attracted with the browns – beware, bewitch and west – on the Theodora palette. Another reason why I got this palette was also because the shadows comes in a customizable palette which means I can take out the shadows and replace it with the ones I like. Overall I love this palette and maybe I’ll do a separate review on this palette.



I’ve used up my Batise Dry Shampoo and this is a repurchase except that this time round, I got it in a different scent. It smells a little weird but I’d say that I prefer this scent compared to the previous one I got.


This collection release by MAC got me super duper excited that I practically jumped up and down when I heard the news! I even called the boyfriend to express my joy! LOL! The down side was that I came down a little late and the pearlmatte powder was OOS. )= If you’ve googled the collection, you’ll find that the pearlmatte face powder is uber cute lah but sadly it’s gone now but fret not! I got the second best thing from the collection which is the Satin Powder Blush in Prom Princess. I’m a fan of Betty but her blush shade was too light thus I selected this one which is of a purple-pink shade. 


Another blush purchase is a Trio blush palette by Sleek in Pink Sprint. It has the shades pink parfait, pink ice and pinktini in the palette. As ever, I am impressed of the pigmentation of the blush and will definitely purchase more!


Bioderma has been the talk of the town for quite some time now and I for one has finished a whole bottle for sensitive skin. I recently purchased a small bottle for sensitive skin for me to carry around in my gym pouch and a medium sized bottle for sensitive dehydrated skin. This product is super convenient to use on lazy days.


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