Krabi : 5D4N – Day 4 & 5

The fourth day in Krabi was spent exploring. We hopped on our Finos and roamed around Krabi. We stopped by the shooting range but didn’t go for it because it was pretty expensive.


We ended up riding to the go kart track and everyone except me hopped into one. I’ve rode one of these a few years back in Batam and somehow I don’t feel like going back on the go kart on that day. So I became the designated photographer. 🙂


The place was pretty huge and everyone had fun! As expected, they did get bored after a few rounds on the track. LOL!


We got lost while searching for the night market. We ended up at a different kind of night market, food night market.IMG_5536

We ordered the usuals and I just learnt that Peanut Butter Pancake tastes good! Yummm!
IMG_5532 IMG_5545
We explored further but we never found the night market. We eventually call it a night, rode back, dropped by Ao Nang to finish the last few baht that we have and went back and pack our bags. Day 5 was more of packing the last few items, checked out of the awesome apartment and off to the airport.

So that’s it guys! The last of my Krabi Trip!

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