Haul : February

This month, I bought more face care products compared to make up products.

First up, a daily moisturizer – Dermagic Beauty Moisturizer by Simply Siti. It claims to be anti-ageing, brightening and induce stress-free skin. I got it while I was in KL. The product itself has light consistency and a very nice scent to it. The product gets absorbed into my skin pretty fast and it doesn’t cause any breakouts.


Next product that I also got from KL is a night moisturizing cream – Rania Gold Moisturizing Night Cram by Safi. It claims to reduce signs of ageing. This product was actually a recommendation by my close friend. She informed me that products with gold in it is very good for the skin and she claims that her skin will feel very smooth and moisturized after wearing this product overnight. This product is of a slightly thicker consistency compared to the one above and it has a slight scent to it. The product instantly gets absorbed into the skin and it doesn’t cause any breakout.



This next product was purchased to go together with the night moisturizer above. It is the Rania Gold Deep Moisturizing Facial Cleanser by Safi. This facial cleanser lathers up very well that I only need half a pump of product every night to clean my face. My skin seemed to improve slightly since.


I got this body scrub while in Batam in January and I haven’t opened the product since. I’m still on a mission to finish my current Soap and Glory body scrub.IMG_5854

Watsons is probably one of the scariest places for me to visit such that when I’m in one, every rule for me to save goes out the window. I was in Watsons Tiong Bahru when I chanced upon the Tangle Teezer Hair Brush. To tell you the truth, I don’t think there’s anything special about this brush and to be honest, I still prefer my Body Shop hairbrush compared to this.IMG_5861

Again, I was in Watsons when I realized Revlon has released their ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipstick! Lesson learnt, check out John Little first before buying from Watsons as they may be having sales! I saved a few bucks by buying from John Little!IMG_5860

From the top : 030 High Heels, 025 Socialite and 096 All Acces.

Personally, I find that this lipstick is a little drying and applying more than one coat will give my lips a very ugly crack effect.
photo 2

This month, Loreal released their Color Caresse lipstain and I for one, was excited to get my hands on it! Online beauty gurus have been comparing this product with the YSL glossy stains and that justified that I should get more than one. YSL glossy stains wins in terms of pigmentation but otherwise, these two products are almost the same.

From the top : Milady, Princess and Eve.

I love how sleek and ‘expensive’ the packaging looked. The applicator is similar to the one of YSL glossy stain. The product is not sticky when applied and it has a slight but bearable scent. I had to apply like three layers to get the color to stand out more.photo 1

Next item is the Eight Hour Cream – Intensive Daily Moisturizer for Face SPF 15 PA++ by Elizabeth Arden. Everyone raves about the eight hour product line from Elizabeth Arden and I just had to get my hands on one. This product has a very strong scent, which may not appeal to everyone, but I love it. With that said, my cheeks area got slightly irritated after using this product. I’m probably going to give this product another try soon because the time when my cheeks got irritated, I was trying another product. I’m just not ready to give up on this cream yet.IMG_5858

This purchase was highly influenced by the youtuber, Tanya Burr. It’s the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo and this was the other product that I was trying out before my skin started to got irritated. Contradicting to what she claims, this product does not work in removing the acne spots on my skin. IMG_5857

I dropped by Lush and couldn’t resist getting the Lip Scrub in Mint Julips. I looooove this product so much that (this may sound strange but….) every night, I look forward to scrubbing my lips so that I can lick some of the product off my lips. Heeeeee!

The main purpose of me visiting Lush was to grab their solid shampoo. I bought one of their solid shampoos a few months back and I love it! This time round, I got one in Karma Komba and another in Ultimate Shine. Can’t wait to try them. Meanwhile, they’re helping in making my cupboard smell heavenly. 🙂IMG_5853

IMG_5852That’s it! Those are the things I’ve purchased in February. 🙂

My best buys for this month has got to be the Loreal Shine Caresse Lipstains, the first three face products and lush lip scrub.


2 thoughts on “Haul : February

  1. mynakedlunch says:

    i bought the effaclar duo too last month! it was working well for me but the moment o put hope in a jar,my skin haywire.now kene bear again for the effaclae duo to take effect.sigh.

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