Ribbon Photoboard

I ended work one day and decided to pop by Spotlight at Plaza Singapura to buy craft materials for a photoboard. I hate seeing my instax pictures stacked on top of one another instead of being displayed neatly. I did think about buying a photo frame but figured that customizing it would make it much more special.

Just a warning, I did spend a huge fortune on this DIY project mainly because the fabric I got cause a bomb! (This project can easily be less than $50 if you manage to find a cheaper fabric and board.)


Things you need:
1. A solid frame/board.Β I went with a 15×45″ painting canvas.
2. Approximately 2m of ribbon.Β I bought those stretchable ones.
3. Wall mounting tape.Β Make sure it is super duper strong! Mine fell off the wall twice! But not to worry, it has now permanently stayed on the wall for about a month now.
4. Glue gun.
5. Pretty buttons.
6. Scissors
7. Pictures to fill the board.
8. Lastly, a lot of patience.

After an hour or so of cutting and glue-ing, the board has finally finished! The arranging the picture onto the board is a wee bit challenging as they kept falling off the board. If I can say so myself, the board actually looked pretty on its own without the pictures on it.IMG_5787
Here’s the completed picture.
IMG_5788Tadaaaah~ Mission accomplished.

Pssst // I’m thinking of doing one more. Hehehe!


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