Batam : 2D1N – Surprises

IMG_2977Gangos (that’s what we refer ourselves as) actually travelled all the way to Batam to celebrate the birthday of the boy in red pictured above. It was so fun and the hotel we stayed at was perfect! IMG_2973 Four of us (excluding the b’day boy and one other member) checked into the hotel earlier and started with the decorations. We ended up taping the balloons to the floor to keep them in place.IMG_2988The expression on the b’day boy’s face when we jumped out of the rooms were priceless. 🙂 IMG_2990 IMG_2997 IMG_3044 IMG_3031   Got ripped by the chauffeur who charged us 100,000 Rupiah per hour instead of per trip. The chauffeur also couldn’t understand / wouldn’t bother to understand our request. We told him to not bring us to Golden Prawn and he ended up bringing us there. We didn’t want to go to Golden Prawn because it’s a touristy place and places like these tends to jack up their prices. Having said that, the food was great. The seafoods were freshly scooped out of the tank right in front of our eyes making them taste sweet when cooked. Yum!IMG_3086 After makan, the boys went for massage while us girls went to the Hypermarket at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.IMG_3094IMG_3096 How can one go Batam and not eat A&W right?IMG_3098 The whole shopping mall closed and there were no sight of the boys so we cabbed back to the hotel. Below are our damage for the day. IMG_3101 We lazed around the hotel the next day till check out time. IMG_3130IMG_3125 Left our bag at the hotel while we shopped at BCS Mall which is located right beside the hotel.IMG_3164IMG_3171IMG_3172Believe it or not, it was our first trip out of Singapore as a whole group and it was fun. Fingers crossed, hope there’s more trips to come with them. 🙂 (pictures credits to Nas)


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