Krabi : 5D4N – Day 3

So here it is, Krabi day 3! We had lots of fun under the sun. If I remembered correctly, we paid about SGD $80 per person for a private speedboat. It was fun but kinda weird not being around with the crowd especially when you have to be the first one to ‘test‘ the water and take the plunge.IMG_5121 IMG_5126   Maya Bay weren’t as packed as compared to when I visited it in March. It is still as beautiful as the first time only not as breath taking as it made me feel when I first saw it. IMG_5178SAM_0547 SAM_0562 SAM_0602We did get an hour to spend at Phi Phi Island but we didn’t get to do much other than eat. IMG_5257 IMG_5256the boyfriend was so into green curry that he couldn’t get enough of it. i can still recall how he annoy me by saying “green curry” on repeat. It makes me laugh whenever I think about it. IMG_5255   The cats and dogs at Phi Phi island were so so cute! Check out the small girl and the cat! So adorable!IMG_5248 IMG_5252 IMG_5254The thought of buying bananas slipped our minds so going to Monkey Beach was pretty boring. No banana = no monkey approaching you. IMG_5247The other two beaches which we went to weren’t as exciting. There was a point of time where only four of us were snorkeling (there rest were on the boat) and the boat got drifted too far that swimming back to the ferry was almost like swimming from Singapore to JB. Lol! Next up, Krabi day 4! 🙂


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