From Stick to Pan


I’ve been tolerating this messy lipstick of mine for a very long time and finally decided to depot it into a small container. The process of de-potting it takes less than 5 minutes. It’s very easy.

All you need would be (1) an empty container to contain your lipstick, (2) lipstick that you want to de-pot, (3) a sterilized spoon, (4) a heat source.


Step 1 would be digging out all your lipstick and transfer it into a metal spoon. You’ll be surprised at the amount of lipstick hidden inside the tube.

Step 2 would be putting the metal spoon over a heat source. Keep the liquid moving in the spoon and ensure that the liquid doesn’t boil. Boiling of the liquid would likely change the formula of the lipstick.IMG_5664Step 3 would be pouring the liquid into an empty container. I used an empty eyeshadow palette. Leave for approximately half and hour or so to allow it to solidify.

The end. 🙂


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