along that 365 days ; 2012

This is my third year doing this type of entry and I always look forward to doing it every year as it allows me to look back into the past and see what I’ve done or accomplished for the past year. It probably gives me an opportunity to look back and reflect on how I can hopefully make 2013 into a better year than the last. Inshallah. Anyways, here it goes!


After 2 frigging years of leaving polytechnic, I finally got my head into getting a degree. I have one more year to go and speaking of which, I hope I didn’t screw up my last paper! Oopsie!ย Paying my school fees has always been a challenge for me. I don’t have rich parents and so everything I spend comes out from my own pocket money which means I’m paying my school fees with my own money. I have three semesters per year and imagine having to pay approximately $5k per semester. I’m not actually complaining. In fact, I’m actually pretty happy of being able to be self-dependent and it actually let me manage my finance much better, I think. Managing time for assignments and revisions however is a challenging thing which I have yet to master.


First electronic purchase for 2012 was a wide angle lens for 50D. I love love love this lens adaptor but it sucks a little now cos the micro part and the wide angle part is stuck together. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
P1000076Iย did my first “follow me aroundย Monday” post and it was fun taking pictures throughout the day. I should put in more time into doing another one of this! [here]

IMG_1477This year was the year which I found my favourite goreng pisang. I’m not a fan of goreng pisang but these are to die for! [here]

421647_10150597873795563_688680562_9535091_963988102_nMy fat boy turned 24 and alhamdulillah, I managed to make a rainbow cake for him! ๐Ÿ™‚ [here]

IMG_1039Fat boy and myself turned two and we celebrated with a super simple dinner at Vintage Delicafe after his soccer. [here]

1004For my birthday, fat boy surprised me with my favourite cake, a teddy bear and a frigging trip to Phuket! It was over the top I tell you! This was also my first trip out of Singapore for the year. [here]

IMG_0474And talking about birthdays, these girls were surprised me with a birthday dinner at Fish & Co Clementi. Yums!

007Had a company day trip in Desaru where I got to see a swarm of fireflies, eat lots of baby lobsters and visit Desaru for the first time. Speaking of which, I have yet to fly the kite which I got from Desaru! Oh my! [here]

20120623-000457.jpgI visited Underwater World Sentosa for the first time in many years! It wasn’t the best experience because of the crowd and the fact that we didn’t get proper seats to watch the Dolphin show. meh!ย [here]

20120722-222809.jpgA short getaway in Batam with another two of our friends was fun! [here] Hopefully the next time I’m there, I’d get to try banana boat/paintball/cable skiing.

I did a random compilation video recording random things I see. [here]

IMG_4296Gardens by the Bay finally opened this year and I made a short visit there. [here] I really do need to spend a day to fully walk around the place and explore.

SAM_0331Despite our busy schedules, we did manage to have one iftar session together. [here] I just realised that Emek isn’t in this picture butย oh wells.

IMG_4734my must-go event every year and fat boy choose that day of all days to be cranky. Thank god there’s Idah to accompany me! ๐Ÿ™‚ [here]

IMG_4908Omg! Another gadget purchase which I’m thankful for was the diana F+ CMYK. [here] I waited so long to get one for myself and the wait paid off. I got some additional discount on top of the discounted price and I’m a happy person. That week itself, I finished approximately 5 boxes of instax film! Madness! I’ve yet to try it with a 120 film.

SAM_0499My second trip to Krabi was with fat boy’s group of friends. Having 9 people staying in an apartment was awesome! [here] And that reminded me. I have 3 more entries on that trip to update!



Gango Mango finally did a photoshoot together. [here]

So those are pretty much the highlights of my 2012. To view those of 2010 and 2011, click [here][here].

In 2013, I’m hoping for more good things to come my way, an everlasting relationship with fat boy, good health for everyone I love and myself, better time management strategy and most importantly, be more giving and in all, be a better person in life and hereafter. Inshallah.

Thank you for your constant visits to read this humble blog of mine as without you, I doubt I’ll be motivated to take beautiful pictures and updated here often. Thank you and have an awesome 2013. ๐Ÿ™‚







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