White Lie

IMG_0066This was how we celebrated the November babies birthday. Homemade steamboat, photoshoot and a bucket full of laughter.

One thing you need to note about these two november babies are that they’re super thick skin and the moment you mention to them “Make yourself free in November“, they’ll instantly respond with “To celebrate my birthday is it?“. So this year, we cooked up a white lie. Nas came up with a good lie. A plan in which involves one of us getting engaged.

We had a whole month to plan and that also translates to a whole month of avoiding this ‘engagement’ subject when talking to the two babies. On the day itself, we made them wear baju kurungΒ and told them we’ll meet under the void deck. Prior to that, I did mention to them that I’ll be buying cupcakes which are to be gifted to the ‘engaged’ person. This is to ensure that they won’t go out and buy individual gifts.


IMG_0072The moment they stepped into the house, we shouted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and above picture was their expression. Zee said “But there’s still going to be an engagement right?” LOL!


IMG_0092Nas had to actually call Mi’s mom to inform her of the white lie we told cos he told his mom that one of us is getting engaged on that day and that got his mom a little excited. LOL!

“In every good plan, there’s always a sacrifice” That’s what I’ve been telling them. πŸ™‚

IMG_0097Oh oh! Guess who baked the cupcakes? Me! The icing was a disappointment though. Poot.





IMG_0226I love them. πŸ™‚


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