Krabi : 5D4N – Day 2

Day two of Krabi was the highlight of my trip. All the activities we did on that day exceeded beyond my expectations and yes, I was satisfied with our find.

It took quite some time to get everyone up and out of the apartment but we managed.

First stop was feeding the monkeys at some temple. We bought a plastic bag full of fruits and a bottle filled with nuts and start feeding the monkeys. There were many of them and frankly speaking, I was a little worried. The boyfriend poured a handful of nuts on my hands and as I bend down to feed the monkeys, they start crowding around me and most took the nuts straight from their mouth! How frightening! P/s if you do happen to click play, do ignore the excessive laughter. 🙂

SAM_0447About thirty minutes later or so, we reached an adventure campsite where we’ll be doing white water rafting! The campsite was different from the one the boyfriend and I went to last time. The place where we water raft is the same [here]. We had to split ourselves into two groups.




The currents were too strong thus we only managed to complete 7 out of the 9km. Nevertheless, we had fun. Lots of them.

After an hour of rafting, we proceed back to the campsite and have our lunch. Next stop, ATV. But since there’s some problem with the group before us, we had to wait an hour or so for our turn. The tour guide was nice enough to bring us to the waterfall.

The boyfriend and I have been to the waterfall before but we’ve never jumped off the cliff. The moment our tour guide tells us that we can jump off the cliff, I turned to the boyfriend and told him I’d like to give it a try. The moment I reached the top, I started regretting my decision and my legs began to stiff. I stood at the edge of the cliff and told myself to not over think and down I go. If not for my contact lens going up to my eyelids and almost came off, I would have gone up again.

SAM_0481My friends did the cliff jumping stuff too and one of them almost drowned. LOL!

SAM_0490Next up, ATV! Finally! When the boyfriend and I visited Krabi two years back, our ATV was just basically riding the vehicle through their rubber plantation and back. The ground was nothing but flat. This time round, we rode through a series of muddy obstacles (gyeah!), through the waterfall, up a damn steep hill and down and back! I was smiling with satisfaction.

SAM_0497As usual, we played the game of who ends up being the dirtiest and of course, yours truly won hands down. 🙂

SAM_0499Again, we had to split ourselves into two groups so there’s just four of us at that time. This was our picture taken on top one of the hills.

SAM_0510SAM_0508Here’s a picture of the boyfriend and I right before we wash ourselves at the nearby waterfall.

SAM_0513We cleaned ourselves and hopped back into the van where we reunited with the rest of the gang. Back at the apartment, we got too tired to make ourselves a decent dinner thus we rented Fino and had dinner a restaurant (La Casa) in Ao Nang.





IMG_5111The food at La Casa weren’t just affodable. They’re delicious too. In fact, we dropped by the restaurant twice in a row! The waiter were super friendly and they helped us with making decisions for our order.

Summary on Day Two

9km White Water Rafting + 1 Hour ATV = approx $120 per pax.

Fino Rental = $16 per day

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