Krabi : 5D4N – Day 1

So back in September, the boyfriend, myself along with 7 other friends hopped on a plane to Krabi. Krabi isn’t an unfamiliar place for the two of us since we’ve visited the place back in 2010 [here]. The flight was $290 in total for us two ($145 per pax) which was slightly cheaper than the last round.

The only difference was #1, there’s 7 other people tagging with us and #2, we’re staying in an apartment!

So upon arrival in Krabi International Airport, the boys took a short smoke break before hopping on our airport transfer to the apartment. It was a 45 minute ride from the airport to Aonang.

In case you’re wondering, the nine of us stayed at Tolmaj Family Apartment. The apartment has three levels and a total of four bedrooms. It was spacious and big enough for you to do your own business. I was immediately blown away when I first entered the apartment.

The apartment was run by a guy called Gidi. He’s a very nice guy and communicating with him through emails was a breeze. The airport transfer was actually arranged by him at 900 baht (approx $36) per trip. And in case you’re wondering, we paid 22500 baht (approx $900) for 4 nights stay at the apartment. It was a good deal if you compare the price we’re paying per pax to the amount we would have paid if we stayed in a hotel for the same duration.

We fought over on who should get which room and what nots before deciding to go out and explore Aonang.

Number one priority on our list was actually to settle bookings for activities to occupy us for the next two days but we ended up stuffing our faces with the local food. HOW CAN WE RESIST BANANA NUTELLA PANCAKE RIGHTTTT?!

(picture credit to Radhi)

Rain started to fall from the sky right after finished booking our two days activities.

We then hopped onto a cab (approximately 1,100 baht) to the Outlet Village where we witnessed the amazing sky as the sun starts to set.

The Outlet Village wasn’t as amazing as what we expected. There weren’t many things that attracted us. I left the place with a shoe box containing a pair of Scholl sandals for my mother. It was damn cheap at approximately $30 per pair!

(picture credit to Radhi)

Hopped on the cab again to Tesco where we shopped for groceries for the next 4 days! Left the place with our arms filled with plastic bags and a super duper long receipt which I’ve seemed to have to misplaced. Errrp!

The cab sent us back to the apartment where we cooked dinner, watched some movie which we picked from the DVD collection at the apartment and called it a night. 🙂


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