Haul : October to November

Hey guys, so I’m back with a haullllllll! 🙂 This month I went crazy over nail polishes and Yankee Candles!

I actually purchased a big jar of Vanilla Cupcake in the beginning of October and within a month of using it, it’s almost gone. I’m left with about two fingers thick of the candle. Along with the jar, I got their halloween themed small candle holder and a pretty lid for the big jarred candle. When I first lighted the candle in my bedroom, I didn’t like it. I find that the smell was too overwhelming and I just didn’t like it. About two to three days later, my nose started to adapt to the smell and I began liking it. Weird right?

The thing about scents is that once you get used to the smell, it starts to be unnoticeable which is why this month I bought a big jar of Autumn Wreath (at 20% off!) and three small candles just so I can alternate between them! The one I’m burning in the small candle holder is Beach Flowers and it smells pretty nice. Same goes to Autumn Wreath.

Did I mention I went a little nail stuff crazy? I got two bottles of nail polish remover just because Watsons was having their members’ sales and these bottles were on 25% off! I also got (from the left) an OPI nail polish in Just Spotted the Lizard (it looks gold, green and blue in different light), I’m All Ears (I imagine this color to be exactly how Minnie’s bow looks like. Pinkish red with mini sparkles), a top coat and base coat.

Not only that. I also bought one of those transparent nailpolish shelf! OMGGGG!

Got myself a Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in American Berry Pie from *Scape. Love the smell so much that I wished I can lick it off my hands! LOL!

Got the Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray to give my hair some sort of curl. I find that it works when I tie my hair into a bun and let it down after a while. It helps to create more defined curls! 🙂 Not a big fan of the scent though!

This body mist was a random purchase as my boyfriend and I were queueing to pay for our purchases. It was going for two for $6.90 and I find that this particular one smells similar to Victoria Secret Love Spell.

Got myself the Caudalie Beauty Elixir spray and since the big bottle is super expensive, I got myself a mini one. I love the scent. It’s very calming. It has a hint of mint and don’t ever ever forget to shake the bottle nor close your eyes before spraying. The mist stings. Trust me. I spray on my face thrice before putting on my moisturizer & make up and I spray again after I’ve removed all my make up. I tried using it to set my make up and my foundation literally melt. ;X

Next purchase would be the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Oil which I love. I know I’ve mentioned last time that the Biefesta one is equally good but I love this one more because I find that it removes my make up effectively and secondly, it’s economical because you don’t have to buy face pads!

Next would be my Vichy face wash. This is just a back up purchase in case my current one runs out. 🙂

I was at the MAC counter browsing through their current collection and nothing really attracted me but I was itching to get a new blusher so I checked on their permanent line blushers and got the mineralize blush in Gleeful. It’s like a red plum color and I’ve always been a fan of MAC’s mineralized products. I’ve been wearing this on my cheek almost everyday and I even used some on my lids!

The Maybelline the Falsies was a very hyped up product in the beauty world and since it was on 20% off, I grabbed it! I actually find that it lengthens my super short lashes and sort of volumized it. I think I like this a lot but we’ll see.

I actually got two NYX lipstick this time round (forgot to snap a picture of the other). One was a beige coral color called Indian Pink. I love how it swatches on my hands but on the lips, it makes my lips look metallic-y. The color pay off wasn’t that great either with this particular one. The second one is a red orange tone called Peach Bellini. I didn’t like this one that much either. It’s probably due to the specks of glitter it has. I still prefer my Louisiana one.

Next is my favourite lip butter from Revlon called Sugar Plum. I’m left with a super tiny bit in my old tube and I just had to get one. It’s super pigmented and the plum color is perfect on my lips.

My last purchase is Loreal Super Liner in Black Lacquer. I have a similar one in gold packaging and it’s battered and old. I swatched on my hands to see the difference between those two and the new one is a very dark black with no sheen and  I for one thinks that the staying power of the new one is much better compared to the other.

Thats all. Hope everyone have a great November! 🙂



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