What’s in my bag

I’ve been thinking about doing this post for a while now and since I just got a new bag because my Zara one has started to tear and fray, it’s time to write one!

What I look for in a bag would be for the size to be big enough to fit my ipad and school notes, if any. The bag also has to have a sling strap which gives me options on ways I’d want to carry my bag. This bag here was purchased from Topshop about a week ago.

What drew me in was the studded details it has at the front which gave this bag an edge and it doesn’t look too formal like most bag does.

The zippers look strong and the material used for the bag seemed sturdy and will hopefully not tear or fray for a very long time.

Here’s what I have in my bag. My iPad with a new casing which I’m totally obsessed with, my iPhone, makeup bag (will do a separate post on that), a shawl (this particular one was bought in Krabi), a random pen from my classmate who claims he hate the pen just because it’s gel ink, my pencil case which I carry my stylus and pen, a random cat food because I tend to bump into stray cats now and then, some aroma therapy thingy which my sister gave me to help with my sinus, wallet, hand sanitizer from Bath & Body works which I’m absolutely obsessed with, Tottoro (a gift from my colleague) which I hang my thumbdrive, a mini hand cream, some mints, hair tie, mini deodorant, a bunch of keys and ibanking devices, spectacle cloth which was given by my optician because he wanted me to kick the habit of wiping my lenses with my shirt/tissue and finally, a coin pouch.

What do you have in your bag? 🙂


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