Present from myself to myself

This came all the way from Hong Kong three days after I placed the order. I was very impressed with the service.

I’ve been eyeing at the Diana F+ range for the longest time but I’ve been putting off the idea because of the price. It was not until recently when I found myself wanting to get an instax camera. Instax camera is pretty common nowadays especially those Fujifilm ones. Almost everyone I know has it, if you know what I mean. I did a lot of research and finally decided on getting the Diana F+. It was hard for me to decide on which design I want. I was stuck between CMYK/Mr Pink/Glow in the Dark and Zebra.

Once decided on the design, I called up a few lomography shops in Singapore (Peek! / thirty six) to enquire on their ongoing discounts and the price of the camera. I went to Peninsular Mall but the lady was pretty rude and wasn’t up to give any discount. I then went on Lomography Singapore website and found they’re having discount on the instax back if you buy a Diana F+. Not only that, they were also having $20 off their Diana F+ cameras! Double steal. The best part was when I was randomly searching on google and found a coupon and found one [here] ! It was 10% off your first lomography online order! Triple steal! By then, I was convinced that the best option was buying it online.

Since I managed to save up a lot of money there, I decided to throw in a cable release into my cart. These three items together with free shipping only set me back $270. It was a total bargain because these three items could easily total up to $300+ at our local store.

As what other reviews online mentioned, taking pictures on Diana F+ isn’t easy. It requires a lot of trial and error and not to mention, plenty of blank films. I’d suggest taking pictures during the day because nothing can go wrong except for the focus.

If you noticed, there’s some pattern thingy at the corners. These leak look-alike thingy appeared in my first few films. I looked up online [here] and problem solved.

Tried my hands at taking bulb-mode pictures of fireworks which the family lighted up in Malaysia.

This picture was snapped a day after I got the camera. It was a gloomy day but I just couldn’t wait any longer to snap pictures.

Another thing about Diana F+ is that it allows one to take double exposure pictures. But as you can see, it doesn’t come out perfect all the time.

I learnt that full body pictures is a no-no in the dark even with flash.

I went a little overboard with aerial photos! I took like 6 of them!

Two random photos I want to squeeze inside. LOL! πŸ™‚

Must always remember to adjust the focal distance!

The view from our accommodation during my recent trip.

The thing that actually sold me to getting a Diana F+ instead of the Fujifilm Instax Camera was mainly due to the imperfections I’d get in the pictures I take. The funny color, the grainy picture, the trial and error and etc. The pictures are never perfect and you can never expect to get what you want.Β I also love the idea where I’d get to choose between taking pictures with film or instax on with this camera. Lastly, which isΒ the best part ever is when strangers stare at you the moment they notice you’re taking pictures with a cute and colorful camera. I remember my cousin asking me “Auntie, is this a camera?”. You really do get that A LOT.

Yes it is hard to take pictures with a Diana F+ but trust me, it is fun. And for me, there’s still plenty I need to learn and nothing is ever perfect in life. πŸ™‚


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