The night we sat under the Banyan Tree.

ImageThis was a long due entry. The event happened back in August and just like every other years, I couldn’t bear to give it a miss.

ImageThe human mind is a magnificent thing and I can never be creative enough to be able to design whatever was displayed that day.



OMG. This thing is cool. You enter a booth and start dancing to a random music and minutes later, your video pops up on the huge screen! Of course I had to give it a try don’t I?




ImageHah, this octopus thingy was also on the display during iLight festival months before this.

ImageThis display looked super amazing in picture but in real life, it was some what disappointing. LOL!





ImageAnd of course, we ended the night by sitting under the banyan tree watching Kassim Selamat on the huge screen. It was nice of them to provide us with plastic mats.

Till we see you again next year! 🙂


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