Haul : September

Remember the Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette in my past few entries [here]? Since then, I’ve bought four eyeshadows to fill up 4 out of 5 of the empty slots in the palette.

These eyeshadows come in a very solid and pretty container which makes $30 worth my money. It also pops out easily so I can take it out of the container and place it in the palette and vice versa.

Clockwise direction, from top left : Lost, Freelove, Walk of Shame (exclusive to this palette), Last Call and Rockstar.

From left-side : Freelove, Lost, Last Call and Rockstar. My favourite so combination has been freelove and lastcall. They make such a great pair and I’ve been wearing it a lot in September. I’m absolutely obsessed with lastcall.

This is a repurchase. My current bottle has not completely run dry but it feels almost empty now. Of course it’s hard to say with the opaque container which doesn’t allow you to see how much you’re left with inside. Doesn’t such packagings drive you crazy? I’ve been loving this foundation a lot and I figured I can’t live without it. It glides on so easily on my skin and the best part is that it’s non-greasy which totally eliminate the step where you have to powder your skin. I’ve recently got a sample of the Naked foundation by Urban Decay and have been trying it out for the past week. Let’s just say, for now, it’s almost the same as this foundation only without the nice scent.

The two inexpensive products I’ve been loving would be these two from NYX.

On the left is the lipstick in LSS 634 Louisiana and on the right would be rouge cream blush in CB05 Glow. I’ve been wearing the lipstick a lot lately and it has been a permanent occupant in my bag. The color might be intimidating to some but I love it and the staying power of this lipstick is AWESOME!

This item has been on my WANT list for the longest time and I’ve finally got it. It’s pretty expensive for a 1.4g container of product ($46) but trust me, it’s worth your money.

This Bobbi Brown Corrector in Dark Peach have been a must to put on my dark circles everyday. If you look closely, you will notice fingerprints and a slight dip on the product. I’ve gotten it for only a month and I must say, I cannot leave home without this. It completely covers the dark circles under my eyes. A word of warning is that you have to set this product with a powder or else it will move. Love love love this product.

Going into hair products, I’ve got myself the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush and Organix Moroccan Argan Oil. I used to have super flat hair and ever since I got the dry shampoo, I’ve been trying to not wash my hair often and surprisingly enough, my hair is more volumized and more wavy now. The best thing about this product is that it does not irritate my scalp and it doesn’t leave any residue on my hair. I however don’t like the scent.

The moroccan argan oil have been a life saver for my hair. My hair have been much softer and less dry.

The last three products would be the Soap and Glory Clean, Girls Skin Softening Creamy Body Wash. I got this in Boots in Krabi and it was going for 300+ Baht (approx $12) and the best thing was that it’s buy one get one free! I brought home one of the bottles while another friend took the other. The scent of this product is similar to all S&G’s products.

I’ve recently ran out of my face scrub and seeing how much I love my other Vichy product, I purchased this. I love the scent and all but I find that it doesn’t have much scrubbing effect on my skin. Am not certain as to how I feel about this product as of now.

Last but not least, Swisspers make-up pads. I used to use the normal rectangular ones and I’d normally use like 3-5 pieces of it and I think I’m being wasteful and wasting a lot of my make up removers so I switched to this. The pads are thicker and softer so I’d normally end up using only one.

Fuh! I’ve gotten so much stuffs for the month of September and I can safely say, I’m happy with my purchases. 🙂



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