Batam : 2D1N – Steal a mug

A randomly planned getaway for us four happened back in June. We got ourselves $69 vouchers each via – 2D1N stay at Harris Resort with 2 way ferry and 1 hour spa massage. We did have to pay ferry tax which was approximately $27 each and some weekend surcharge for the hotel. 20120722-222705.jpg
We were all so psyched for this trip that we couldn’t stop talking about it weeks before the trip! Lol! You see, it’s been a while since we went for a holiday (especially for the boyfriend and myself) and this trip to batam was some what perfect.20120722-222721.jpg
Once we reached waterfront jetty and went through the customs, we hopped on the super striking orange shuttle bus to Harris Resort.20120722-222729.jpg
It was unfortunate that the rooms weren’t ready and we had to actually wait till 2pm Batam time before we can finally check in. The weather was scorching hot and the boys changed on the spot and hopped into the pool. Unfortunate for us two girls, it wasn’t that easy to just strip and hop into the pool so we braved the sun heat.20120722-222740.jpg
Luckily by 2pm, we got to check in into one of the rooms while the other room needed longer time to prepare. The four of us squeezed into this room, settled ourselves in, cooled down before heading out to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. We missed the shuttle to town and so we hopped on the taxi. It costs us about 220,000 Rupiah (SGD $30) to bring us to town and back to the hotel. It was considerably cheap especially when we do not have to squeeze into the small shuttle bus which Harris provides.
The moment we set foot into the shopping mall, we looked for A&W. The last time when we were in JB, we were told that the A&W there ran out of rootbeer float. What’s an  A&W without rootbeer float? 20120722-222751.jpg
We bought shoes, souvenirs, more shoes and cosmetics! I went crazy when I found out Revlon is cheaper there compared to here! Like whattttt?! 20120722-222800.jpg
We were back in our hotel before night fall. Little did I know the chauffeur would be waiting for us at the shopping mall the whole time we were there. At the back of my mind was thinking that he’d be fetching other tourists before coming to fetch us back to the hotel. Bf later explained that $30 to them is probably good enough considering the exchange rate there but don’t quote me.
We had Sarpinos Pizza by the pool, a brief one hour swim in the pool, playing catching in the pool, screaming our lungs out and also dancing to ‘nobody’. It was hillarious. Had room service to bring us dinner and we called it a night.20120722-222809.jpg
On day two, the girls woke up bright and early for our massage while the boys had more sleep. We also had breakfast without them. Bf later regret not coming for breakfast. That was typical of him. We checked out of our hotel and tried to get on the shuttle to town. We later found out that we had to fork out $40 each (not sure if it’s per person or per room) as our package did not include shuttle service. Since cabbing down was much cheaper, we gave the shuttle idea a miss and took cab down to town. This time round, we went to Batam City Square (BCS) first. It was pretty much like bugis street except lesser shop and has a lot of fake branded goods.20120722-222818.jpg
Since this Taiwan food joint thingy was halal certified back in BCS was halal, we gave it a try! Guess what? It was awesome! 🙂20120722-222826.jpg
BF was all excited about being able to smoke in the shopping mall itself and he asked me to snap picture of him. Tsk. Boyssss…20120722-222848.jpg
Did some last minute shopping at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall before going back to Harris and back to the island called Singapore.20120722-222855.jpg
The end. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Batam : 2D1N – Steal a mug

  1. Sofia Tsai says:

    Glad that you like Batam. But, beware of fake products though.

    anyway, try eating at Warung Cobain ( @Nagoya Hill Food Street / @Megamall level2), it’s cheap and quite delicious too 🙂

    • rai-ana says:

      Hi there Sofia!

      Yes batam was great. Everything is cheap there especially their cosmetics! Thank you for the warning. I’ll take note of that the next time I drop by Batam. And thank you for the food recommendation! I’d normally go for the Ayam Penyet Ria at Nagoya Hill. I’ll take a mental note of this place when I visit. Thank you dear! 🙂

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