It’s super cheap!



Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that face products such as Revlon and Loreal is cheap in Batam?! I almost peed in my pants when I figured that the lip butter costs $10+, the matte lipstick costs $5 and the foundation cost like $10+ please!

Me wants to go back and shop more!


5 thoughts on “It’s super cheap!

      • frugalistar says:

        my brother heading there this weekend and i am busy creating a list of things to ‘tolong belikan’..LOL..anyway, where can Revlon stuffs be found at? Matahari?

      • rai-ana says:

        Yes. Only Matahari has them. Sadly, the hypermart don’t carry them. Go write a long list! The things are like half the price here and as for the lip butters, they carry some colors which Singapore doesn’t carry! 😉

      • frugalistar says:

        i am so excited now eventhough im not the one going for the vacation! LOL..anyway thanks for sharing!

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