Lipstick Collection

This has got to be the only blood red lipstick which I own. It is only worn on special occasions like when I attend weddings or whenever I feel a little bit more “mentel” than I normally do. This deep blood red lipstick definitely takes a lot of guts to wear out and not forgetting, it magnifies the a tiny winy stain on your teeth. In my personal view, bold red lipstick screams out sophistication but somehow the bf doesn’t like it when I put it on. Oh wells, what do men even know.

Unlike the previous lipstick, this one is almost sheer on my lips but if you look closer, you might just notice that it has tiny glitters. This lipstick would be great for wearing to work and for those who are not daring enough to put on crazy colors on their lips but loves the glossy effect. This lipstick is moisturizing and glossy enough for you to not need to layer on any lipgloss.

This is another one of my almost sheer lipstick in my collection except that it has a slight tint of brown. Just like the previous lipstick, you will notice tiny glitters and similarly, I would also recommend this lipstick for work and for those who want a more neutral colored lipstick.

This was my first Revlon lipstick purchase and also my first matte lipstick in the collection. This used to be my go-to color and I still love it so much that it’s almost gone. I still have about one finger width of the product left before I have to run out and get more. The picture of the swatch appeared to be too red but with the naked eye, the color is actually more of orange and brown mixed together. It gives my lips a darker color without it looking crazy. You have to go and swatch this color for yourself to understand what I’m trying to say here. LOL!

I was a little skeptical about trying the matte lipstick thinking that it would be too drying on my lips but I was wrong. This matte lipstick glides on my lips like a dream. Almost like butter. My lips are never dry when I have it on and the best part about matte lipstick is that it lasts super long on the lips.

This is another bold color in my collection though its not blood red like the first. It can be pretty sheer depending on how much you layer on which makes it more wearable. This would be a nice choice if you’re looking for a decent red lipstick that is not too out-there.

This was my latest purchase and also my go-to lipstick at the moment. This is the best nude I’ve tried which didn’t make my lips look dead. It has a slight pinkish tone to it which made it super pretty on my lips. A youtuber once mentioned that this is a dupe for Velvet Teddy from MAC. If you have a skin tone like mine (NC35) and you’re looking for a nice nude lipstick, I’d recommend this!

This is my second lipstick from MAC (Obviously couldn’t find the first. =/) Again, this appears almost like nothing on my lips which now made me wonder why I got so many sheer lipsticks.

This has got to be my favorite out of all the lip butters that I own. This is also the most unique out of all the lipsticks I have in my collection. It is super pigmented, no tiny glitters (not that I have anything against the glitters), moisturizing and more importantly, what made it different from the rest is that it has hints of purple which I feel complements my skin tone. I love how it looks on my lips. Go try swatch it the next time you’re in a shop that sells this lipstick and tell me if you love it as much as I do!

If I have to choose only one from my collection, I’d be thorn between Sugar Plum and Mauve It Over.

That’s the end! *waves hands up in the air* Before I end this post, I shall mention that it wasn’t my intention to brag or anything about the things that I own and I’m just writing this for the fun of it. With that, I’m also pretty sure I have some lipsticks missing from this collection but heck my lips are all sore from all the application and removal of the lipsticks as I write this entry. If you want to know more about the Revlon Lipbutters and how it looks on my lips, click [here].

Till then, have fun!


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