You’ll never know how much it costs until you weigh them!

We were running out of plans of where to go and decided upon recommendations by some friends and Idah, we decided to give Swril@rt a try.

The photos on the wall reminded me of Island Cremery [here].

Whereas the concept reminded me of Sogurt [here] where you pick your cup, choose the flavor of your yougurt, pick your favorite toppings and proceed to the check out counter where your filled cup will be weighed and priced.

Yogurts served this way are more fun but one thing to note, it breaks the bank too (depending on how much you put)! Mine set me back by about $10. Hani’s costs about $10 as well while Idah’s reached the $15 mark! *gasps* Bearing in mind thatΒ a medium cup of yami yogurt only costs less than $5.

There weren’t many people around so we took the opportunity to turn the place upside down. Tossing the beanie here and there.

We visited the one at River Valley Rd along Spize if you’re familiar with that eating place. This place closes at midnight so if you’re out of places to go or needed dessert, you should drop by and give it a try.

Do share with me your verdict if you’ve been there. Aside from the awesome ambiance, I still prefer my Sogurt much more than this place. The chocolate flavor from Swirl@rt was yummy but red velvet from Sogurt is unforgettable. Not to mention, the staffs at sogurt were much more friendly and nice.


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