It was a fruitful long weekend.

One thing I love about long weekends would be that I’d get to hang out with friends and people whom I’ve not met for a very long time!

Friday, 6th April was girls’s night out.  Few of the girls backed out due to school, shooting and what have you so there’s only three of us left. We went to town, had ayam penyet and did lots of shopping while we’re there. I say we should all do this more often.

On that Saturday, 7th April, we rented the bicycles for two hours at ECP and to tell you the truth, we didn’t go far. We hopped on the bicycles, dropped by the food court, dropped by Bedok Jetty and Bougainvillea Park and before we knew it, we’re left with just enough time to return back to the bike shop.

We then hopped on a cab to Kampong Glam Cafe where Fahmi treated us to dinner. 🙂 Took neoprints and watched a movie before calling it a night. It’s been a long time since we hang out and I’m glad we did.

Sunday, the 8th of May, theFourofUs celebrated Zanna’s 24th Birthday. It was a simple affair.

After the celebration, I met up with the bf and two other friends before we make way to Geylang. I bought my baju kurung and all of us had lunch at Hjh Maimunah. Yum!

Since the day is still young and all of us were taking public, I suggested we drop by Changi Point to see-see look-look. I didn’t get anything other than a 3/4 gym pants. We had a medium pint of ice cream before hopping on the MRT home.


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