Desaru : 1D ; Farm, Food and Fun!

In March, our company sponsored us a day trip to Desaru. I’ve never went to Desaru and so, I was looking forward to the trip.

We had our breakfast at a coffeeshop near the checkpoint before heading out to the fruit farm. There’s a mini zoo inside the fruit farm and feeding the rabbits was fun!

Next stop was the crocodile farm. I was cringing my teeth when the guy used his hand to hold the chicken over the hungry crocodile. The crocodiles were pretty fast and  aggressive. The crocodile farm has a wide range of crocodiles of various different age ranging from a few months to a hundred and fifty years old!

A wide spread of food was served at our lunch table and I ate till I’m bloated.

Since we had more time in our hands, we dropped by the beach. It was a sunny day. Perfect for the beach. A number of people were playing kites and I decided to grab one for myself.

Ostriches are beautiful animal. They’re pretty intimidating but beautiful to look at. I’m very jealous of they’re beautiful long lashes. While at the farm, we managed to witness two different ostriches laying eggs. How their muscles shiver and the size of their egg!

I also managed to try their egg and their meat. =]

We had seafood for dinner along with baby lobster. Yummy!

After dinner we went on a firefly tour before heading back home. I didn’t manage to take pictures of the fireflies as the boat weren’t stationary enough to for me to take a clear picture of and using flash will be of no use.

Overall, the trip was fun and I did enjoy myself.


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