Phuket : 3D2N – The best yet.

My birthday falls on February every year and this year, I felt extra special when the bf surprised me with an overseas trip in March. The down side about this trip was the fact that we couldn’t opt for a longer holiday due to school commitment. Thus, we had to settle with just a 3 days 2 nights trip which translates to just 1.5days of going around. Don’t get me wrong, this is still by far the best present ever and I did enjoy myself despite the bad ass tan I got at the end of the trip!

Since the accommodation and flight tickets weren’t bought by me, I wasn’t sure about their actual price. Think the bf spent $79 per pax for the accomodation at Aquamarine Resort and Villa (which totally blew my mind) and $240 for two-way flight for the two of us.

We were pretty lazy that we did one of the travel DON’Ts. We bought our second day wet activity package over at the airport itself. Yes yes, we know, the prices will be jacked up but we couldn’t be bothered to look for the best package around.

The guy showed us two different packages. We took the second one which was slightly more expensive just because there’s more snorkeling sites and we get to board on a speed boat which means there’s lesser people on board.

The package set us back 2000 Baht each (SGD $81). This price was inclusive of the transport to our hotel which was approximately 45 minutes away from the airport.

Don’t get me started on the resort we stayed. It’s Aquamarine Resort & Villa by the way. It was fantastic and it totally blew my mind! At the start, I wasn’t sure about resort we stayed at since it was bought over via groupon. But what I saw in real life was amazing! It was clean and it overlook the sea! Actually, it looked exactly like the pictures shown on their website. Sweet!

The room itself was beautiful. For the price we paid, it was worth it! The room was spacious, the bathroom was huge and it has a bath tub, and everything was perfect.

The resort provided shuttle to Kalmala Beach and that was our first destination. I had my first BBQ corn and it was delicious probably because I was already too hungry that I could gobble down anything. There’s a line of stalls along Kamala Beach where you can buy souvenir, beach wear and food.

Kamala Beach itself was beautiful. And as much as we wanted to hop on the jet-ski, we didn’t due to several bad reviews which we saw over on the internet.

I was ecstatic to see a pancake stall at the beach that I actually ran towards it! Haha! BF got for himself banana+nutella pancake while I got that and tuna+cheese+tomato pancake. The latter turned out surprisingly delicious. If you happen to drop by Thailand, this is what you must try!

FAQ, you actually have to pay 150baht (SGD$6) to sit on the beach chair. We didn’t pay for it so we got asked by the security to go away. )=

We strolled along the beach until our feets were tired. Bought some snacks and drinks over at the 7-eleven before we board the next shuttle back to the resort. I roamed around the hotel area and took lots of pictures around the vacinity.

Day two of the trip was much more interesting compared to the first. It was our wet activity day! The weather was perfect and the speed boat was the best choice!

We sat right in front of the boat and I actually regretted not getting any sun block lotion on before the trip started.

First stop was Maya Bay which was famously known by many as the place where a scene of ‘The Beach’ in which Leonardo Dicaprio acted was filmed.

It has the most breath-taking view. A good place for photo-taking!

Second stop was the Viking Cave where the tour guide informed us that a trader bought the cave so that he can sell bird nests that is found within the cave.

Third stop was Monkey Beach. We got to feed bananas to the monkeys! It was amazing how the monkeys know that we’re there to feed them bananas and so they came out from their hiding. They’re actually pretty nice and not aggressive as I thought they would be. It was unfortunate that it was high tide thus we had to feed them on the boat.

Fourth stop was snorkeling! I couldn’t recall where exactly but there weren’t much fishes out there to see.

Fifth stop was lunch at Phi Phi Island. Lunch was delicious and after lunch, we were given some free time to explore the island. Unlike Phuket/Krabi, Phi Phi Island is constantly streaming in with tourists.

We wished we had more time to explore Phi Phi Island though but we had to board on the boat to our last location which was Khai Nai Island. Everyone claimed that this island had the best snorkeling.

Honestly, among all the places we visited, this place actually does have the best snorkeling area but it doesn’t have a wide range of fish species. The bf and I stuffed our bread into an empty bottle and fed the fishes from there. When I dip the bottle into the water, the fish actually tried to bite outside the bottle! Very cute. Be careful though, the fishes tend to bite you too. I had like three such encounter on my knee that day.

We were sent back to our hotel after the trip and after dipping in the pool and washing up, we went out to Patong Beach. We grabbed a cab ride there. Jungceylon wasn’t that interesting to visit but you should visit the shops along the street!

The shops actually sells taser guns! The shop owner scare the hell out of me when he was demonstrating the thing!

We bought kebab and it was delicious aside from the fact that he doesn’t have pudina sauce to eat that with. The kebab was 100baht (SGD$4).

The bf got himself an A grade jersey and I got myself more banana+nutella pancake!

Took a tuk tuk back to Kamala Beach just cause I wanted a massage. The bf and I also lit up the floating lantern just like the one we did in Krabi.

The next day saw us flying back to reality. Can’t wait for September to come. The bf, myself and a few other friends will be going to Krabi. My second trip there and I am sort of excited to go there again! 🙂


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