Review : Travalo

There’s a lot of of hype about this product over on youtube. Especially in Europe if I’m not mistaken. I never thought this product would be brought into Singapore. I was actually buying stuffs over at John Little in Jurong Point when I saw this product displayed over at their cashier counter. Without much thinking, I grabbed it and paid for it.

This product comes with a big price tag of $25.90. The packaging however is super attractive.

I did a simple video showing how I filled up my Travalo. My hands sort of got tired of pushing and had to change hands half way. LOL!

Overall, I’d say the price is a tad pricey. It’s really good as it doesn’t leak and are hassle free. They come in different colors too! But if you’re on a tight budget, I’d suggest for you to buy those from SASA. Those doesn’t last but they do the same thing as this at a much cheaper price.

If you’re still keen on getting this, I’d suggest for you to drop by Mustafa Centre and grab one there as it’s at least $10 cheaper there. The packaging that it comes in is different from this.



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