Batam : 2D1N – Let’s just hop on a ferry!

It was a rainy saturday and if I remembered correctly, I also saw signage saying that there’s flooding in the expressway. We didn’t plan this trip. I just happened to have my bag packed to head to somewhere when suddenly it was cancelled.

Made way to Harbourfront Centre at about 4pm and bought our ferry tickets. We each withdrew about SGD200 for this trip.

If you don’t know, Batam is one hour later than us. Upon arrival, we hopped on a cab and searched for a place to stay. Bf’s mom recommended for us to stay at Famosa Hotel but the cab driver told us that the hotel is likely to be full by then and he recommended us somewhere else to stay.

We walked into The Hills Hotel which is just opposite Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall and got their Standard Room which was super cheap! Only SGD$82. The picture of the room on the brochure are pretty accurate except for the bath tub which wasn’t functioning. Bummer! I always look forward to baths in bath tubs when I’m on a holiday.  😦

If I’m not wrong, Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall is the biggest Mall in Batam.

It was sad that they served their root beer in paper cups instead of their usual mug. I was actually ready to take them home with me. 😦

The hypermart was interesting to visit. The bf got himself a tonne of toiletries while I got myself some junk foods!

This was where we stayed. It was just right across Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.

We shared a three course dinner meal which was included in the hotel package.

Woke up early for breakfast and loitered in the hotel before checking out.

We had lunch at this warong. If I’m not wrong, I had Mee Bakso Ayam while the bf had Soto Ayam with Rice.

Sat at J.Co and used their free wifi to entertain ourselves before heading off to the ferry terminal.

That concluded our Batam trip. ❤


One thought on “Batam : 2D1N – Let’s just hop on a ferry!

  1. Yvonne Wong says:

    Hi! I know this post have been quite awhile. But do you know if they sells frozen foods (bbq foods) in the hypermart?

    If you see this, can you reply me via email? It will really help me alot in my upcoming trip. Thanks!

    Yvonne Wong

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