Follow Me Around Monday.

This is the time I’d normally fall asleep every night. Super crazy. I’m having a serious case of insomnia.

This however, is the time I’d wake up for work every morning. The moment I woke up, I’d spend a few minutes trying to wake the BF up. Today was one of the rare days where he’s already showered and ready for work.

BF would normally send me a text message and I’d read that after I come out of the shower and already sitting in front of my vanity.

I’d hop on a feeder bus to the interchange and wait for the train to arrive and woosh me to work.

This was how long I had to wait for my train ever since the tragic MRT breakdown. )=

I love the pictures I pasted on my work station partition. At times I think they’re a little too much but whatever makes me happy right? πŸ™‚

Owuh, that’s the time I arrived at work today (everyday actually!). Β Can you tell how long it takes me to go to work everyday? Oh and I’m addicted to Tiny Tower at the moment!

After going on a stationary frenzy on Sunday, my pencil box is bursting with pens! =X

A rare day where I get to bring home cooked food from home to work for lunch. πŸ™‚

Come 6pm sharp, I grab my stuffs and put it inside my bag and run for the door!

As I walk to the bus stop, I never fail to admire how beautiful this bare tree looked.

The bus came late today. Probably due to the wet road. This resulted me to be late for class for about 15 minutes.

I quickened my steps to class worrying of the probability I’d miss something important.

School ends at 10pm every night and I have to take two buses to reach home.

I’d have my late dinner and probably a cup of milo (purely milo powder and water).

I’d spend a few hours in front of the computer and juggle between watching bones (just to keep me awake) and reading through my notes.

The next day, almost everything repeats itself again. πŸ™‚


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