along that 365 days ; 2011

2011Β is no different from previous years. Obstacles and challenges are no stranger to my life. But what’s life without all these, right?

I’ve always wanted to visit the Marina Bay Sands Skypark but having to pay $20 just to go up there is insane! Plus, you won’t get to use the pool. I was lucky enough to have a friend who was staying there back in January and without much hesitation, I jumped on the opportunity when she asked if I’d love to come over. All I could remember about that day was the beautiful skyscraper surrounding it and the freezing cold pool which my boyfriend and I could only last approximately fifteen minutes in. [HERE]

In February, I managed to squeeze some family time and everyone except my first sister and her family drove up to Pahang. It’s been a long time since we visited and I hate it whenever my aunt tells me I’ve grown horizontally since the last time we met. )= [HERE] &[HERE]

February was also my birthday month which also means that I’m about two months away from my twenty fourth *pulls hair* birthday! I was blessed with people who cared and are willing to spare some time to celebrate my birthday with me. I couldn’t ask for more. A banana crepe birthday cake, surprise birthday cake on my office desk, ice cream buffet, a staycation at Wanderlust, prawning and not for getting the mini slices of cakes. [HERE]

Then when March came, a friend of mine was itching for full body massage and since the massage parlor in Singapore are pretty expensive, we ferried across the border for a two day one night getaway. I remember aching calves from the massage, bed bugs bitting my friend’s body in the middle of the night and shifting hotel rooms (due to the bed bug issue) at 1am in the morning. [HERE]

I finally gave up on my five year old IBM laptop which I’ve had since my first year in polytechnic and bought myself an iMac. Definitely my best buy ever (apart from my 50D that is) and I’m not regretting spending the thousand plus dollars on it.

A month apart from my birthday would be the boyfriend’s birthday and we spent the day doing something which he feared which was heights. [HERE]

My first purchase on Groupon goes to Museum of Toys! It was my first time there and both boyfriend and I enjoyed our visit but not sure if it’s worth a second visit. [HERE]

My colleagues, the boyfriend and myself also went on a two days one night trip to Kukup. Our initial group of ten people grew by fifty percent nearing the date. The highlight of the trip has got to be the dog with uncontrollable bladder which kept following the boyfriend and also playing with fireworks! [HERE]

In April, I finally got to meet both Yanti and Faizul after a long long time! Yanti was my junior back in secondary school and we both know Faizul back in those days where we both worked part time at Toys’R’Us. I remembered that it suddenly started to pour that day and the three of us seek shelter at the nearest bus stop thinking that it would protect us from the rain and not knowing that when a huge lorry drive by us, it will splash water and make us drench. [HERE]

Another ‘marathon‘ achievement I did this year was participating in the Nike Goddess 5km in May. It was the worst timing one can choose to run as I was practically sweating from the heat and when it came for my turn to run, I practically walked the whole way. =/ I also ran both Shaperun and Great Eastern Run this year and if you’re wondering, I really ran this time round. LOL! [HERE]

This year, the boyfriend started being more active in soccer whereas I started playing netball again. We spend most of our Fridays and Saturdays doing these two things and supporting each other. [HERE]

June was another getaway. A short one with boyfriend and his friends. The thing I remember most about this trip to Tioman was me eating burger ramly practically every night and also the heavy rain which delayed our ferry back to Tanjong Gemok which led to me worrying about the coach leaving without us. =/ [HERE]

In July, boyfriend and I tried doing a difficult task which was to self photoshoot. We travelled far to the east and took our own pictures. It was nice seeing how beautiful the pictures turned out knowing that it wasn’t easy to snap them in between running back and forth trying to pose and press the shutter. [HERE]

Believe it or not, I’ve never set foot on Sungei Buloh my entire life. Since Sungei Buloh will be undergoing a major transformation, my colleagues decided to drop by to see the before and after effect. LOL! [HERE]

The day before August was the last day where the KTM will be open to the public before the whole stretch of railway tracks will be de-railed. I’m just glad that I now have pictures of myself walking on the rails. Heh. [HERE]

Speaking of August, thanks to me the boyfriend landed two tickets to the National Day Parade. The only down side to this was the fact that we’re both fasting and the sun was scoarching hot. [HERE]

September marks the longest holiday I’ve been to. Six days to be exact and it was surprising that I wasn’t home sick. The idea of traveling to Hong Kong, a country where almost everyone speaks Hokkien, sparked when we were celebrating Zee’s birthday in November 2010 where we were talking about how expensive toy cameras are in Singapore and thus Hong Kong popped in our mind. It’s funny thinking about the idea now cos when we went there, none of us bought any toy camera which defeats the purpose of our trip in the first place. Nevertheless, it was a fun holiday and I would love to visit the Ocean Park again in the future! Best place ever with the huge aquarium! [HERE]

Thanks to the circle line which opened in November, I got to visit the Haw Par Villa. It wasn’t what I imagined it to be and the statues were somewhat scary and gruesome. [HERE]

Yay to free tickets! Boyfriend and I spent almost half a day swinging golf clubs at the Lilliputt. It was enjoyable and of course yours truly won! heheheh! [HERE]

In October, boyfriend and I dropped by Ubin for a day under the sun and I have to admit that cooking maggie noodles in mess tins are fun! Digging holes and starting fire is fun too! [HERE]

Boyfriend and I also went on a super impromptu getaway to Batam this year. It was unplanned and if you know me, I hate doing something without planning in advanced so I was super happy at how everything fell into place.

And lastly, for the first time since my primary school days, I got to play futsal with the boys! Hehe. It was so fun that we extended the game from two hours to three!

So there you go, the highlights of my 2011…

For 2012, I hope for the same thing I wished for in 2011 [HERE] which was forΒ more doors of opportunities will open, an everlasting relationship with the bf and never ending fun and laughter. Also not forgetting that since I’m starting school in a few days time, let’s pray that I would excel in the things I’ll be studying and insyallah with this, the future would be brighter. πŸ™‚ Amin.

Have a great new year everyone. Let’s welcome 2012 with a positive mindset and let’s aim towards our goals in life and hereafter. πŸ™‚

Lots of love,

Raihana Edrus


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