Makan, Makan 006 – Vintage Delicafe Pte Ltd + Strictly Pancakes

If you ask me to recommend a place which serves halal western food, I’d never fail to mention this place here. Vintage Delicafe @ 66 Bussorah Street. I personally love how delicious the foods are and how generous their portions were! I can never stop raving about this place mind you…

I would strongly advise you to give them a call and make reservations especially on weekends as they don’t exactly have much seating capacity.

Seriously, this entry have been delayed for too long that I couldn’t recall the names of the foods we ordered so I’ll just show okay! Oopsy!

It would be inappropriate to end the day without having something sweet and sinful. We hopped on a bus to YMCA and walked down to Strictly Pancakes! If you haven’t tried this, PLEASE DO! They have everything you wished on a pancake and the best thing is that they serve it all year round and not only during breakfast! Awesome right?!

We were all full from the food we had at Vintage Delicafe thus we only bought two different pancakes. We had Strawberries and Co (i think) and The Druggie!

If you have some time to spare, I’d say give these two places a shot and if you do, tell me if you share the same sentiments like I do. 🙂 Meanwhile, enjoy the last remaining hours of Sunday and have fun! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Makan, Makan 006 – Vintage Delicafe Pte Ltd + Strictly Pancakes

  1. Aney says:

    I love the two two places you featured too!!!! Now we would know where to go when Faiz organises the bloggers’ meet up. Ahem.

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