Hong Kong : 6D5N – Day 6

Day 6 was our last day in Hong Kong and it was a sad sad day as we have to bid goodbye to those yummy dim sum, siew mai and mushroom in soya sauce! *inserts pouty face here*

Checked out from our hostel and decided to spend our remaining hours at Masjid Ammar and Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre for our last breakfast cum lunch there. That was like our best decision ever!

Having said that, us checking out meant that we have to drag our already heavy luggage to the mosque. It was dreadful but the food that awaited us was heavenly! 🙂

We had countless rounds of dim sum and what nots. Plates kept flying on and off our table. Drinks too! It was fun! Our tummy was happy and so are we! The canteen owner treated us to a plate of dessert (Can’t recall the name though. Silly me.).

While waiting for the gate to open for us to check in, we refunded our octopus card and shopped a little.

It was my first time on an airplane in the evening and I was initially complaining about how empty the sky was and the only thing I could see when I look through the window would be a carpet of clouds. That changed within minutes when the sun started setting and it was the most breath taking view that I never want to forget.

Anyway, I guess it’s time for me to end the lengthy entry of mine on Hong Kong. I do kind of miss the place, especially the food but I guess that would be my first and last time I’d pay a visit there. But I couldn’t be so sure cos we all know fate works in an odd way! (:

Here’s a break down of day 1:

Tiger Airways (2-way) = SGD$390. (initial price was SGD$290 but since this trip was postponed from March 2011 to September 2011 due to work commitment, we had to add SGD$100 for that).

Airport Express to Tsing Yi Station= Group of 3 – Single Journey Ticket Set = HKD125 = HKD42 per person = SGD$7 per person.

Octopus Card = HKD150 (HKD100 value & HKD50 deposit) = SGD$25 per person*
*HKD100 value was insufficient for the trip and we ended up topping up about HKD100 more.
*One can top up a minimum amount of HKD50 each time. Fret not, the money will be refunded back when you return the octopus card.

 Oi Suen Guesthouse (here)= HKD2850 = SGD$475 = $160 per person for 5 nights

Here’s a break down of day 2:

Nong Ping 360 – Tung Chung Station – 2-way Crystal Cabin = HKD 169 = SGD$29.

Here’s a break down of Day 3

Directions to Islamic Centre Canteen – get off at Wan Chai Station, exit at A3 Johnston Road, turn left, walk straight on the other side of the road until you see Istanbul Turkish Kebabs and Grill on the left and The Charterhouse building on the right, walk into the carpark of The Charterhouse building which will lead you to another road andwalllllahhhh~ you’ll see the mosque.

Ride on the bus tram – HKD2.30 (approx 40cents SGD)

Ticket for two way ride on the Tram, entrance to the Peak Sky Terrace and entrance to Madame Tussauds Hong Kong Wax Museum.from our guesthouse at HKD190 (approx SGD$32).

Take bus 15C from the Peak Tram Terminus to Central Star Ferry Piers (vice versa).

Ferry ride from Central Star Ferry Piers to Tsim Sha Tsui – HKD2.40 (approx 40cents SGD)

Mobile Softee ice cream – HKD6 (approx SGD$1)

Here’s a break down of day 5:

To Ocean Park – Take MTR to Admiralty Station, Exit at Exit B and board bus number 730.

Ocean Park tickets is at 280HKD per person (approximately SGD$47) from the hostel.

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