Hong Kong : 6D5N – Day 5

Oh! Finally, day five! Which means I have another one more entry to go before this all ends. I’m actually missing Hong Kong already. Especially the foods! Urgh.

So on day 5, the three of us went to Ocean Park and if there’s an attraction in Hong Kong I’d recommend, it would be this! We dragged ourselves out of the bed in the morning and headed for Admiralty Station where we boarded bus 730 to Ocean Park. I couldn’t remember exactly how much the bus fare was. I think it was 8HKD.

We got the tickets from our hostel at 280HKD per person (approximately SGD$47). Unlike at The Peak, we need to present our passport to the ticketing counter to prove to them that we’re actually tourists and exchange the ticket from the hostel to those from the theme park.

Ocean Park is actually a big ass theme park which was divided into two parts that you have to hop on either the cable car or train to the other side.

We figured that we should take the wet rides first. The last picture was a result of two rounds of rapid ride and me sitting in front.

So sad that I had to hop on the Viking on my own cos my two girlfriends are so kental like that. 😦

I took this swing thingy on my own too.. 😦 x2

The two girls took a nap cos they were dizzy from the rides (kental right?! LOL!) while I rode up the Eagle ride THRICE!

Lucky for me, all the funky roller coaster rides were closed for maintenance. Heh. We went back to the first part of the park and queued up for the carousel ride!

The giant aquarium left us in awww. It was a breathtaking experience to be able to see the fishes in their ‘natural’ habitat. This is probably the best part of the whole theme park in my personal opinion and I couldn’t stop raving about this place!

I didn’t know that pandas could be sooooo lazy! Like seriously lazy. They barely move and when they move, it’s only for a split second. =3

Ended the day with a trip to Lung Kong Road for dinner at Islam food.

Here’s a break down of day 5:

To Ocean Park – Take MTR to Admiralty Station, Exit at Exit B and board bus number 730.

Ocean Park tickets is at 280HKD per person (approximately SGD$47) from the hostel.

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8 thoughts on “Hong Kong : 6D5N – Day 5

    • rai-ana says:

      Hi Noorin,
      From what I remembered, there weren’t any halal food sold at Ocean Park. Instead, we packed some food i.e. bread and some crackers which we got from the convenient store near our accommodation and brought them along in our bag pack. (:

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